How to Improve the Taste of Herring Under a Fur Coat: Top Salads

If you want to cook a really tasty herring under a fur coat, you will have to learn how long to cook beets for a fur coat, what kind of herring to use for herring under a fur coat and, finally, to study the best recipes.

Herring under a fur coat – a salad, without which it is difficult to imagine a holiday table. But not always and not everyone has this dish turns out really tasty. To make the salad tasty, you will have to take into account a lot of important points, starting from the duration of boiling the vegetables and ending with the degree of salting of the fish.

How to improve the taste of herring under a fur coat

If you grate some frozen butter and put it between the layers of vegetables, your herring under the fur coat will get a very delicate creamy taste.

In addition, the taste of herring under the coat can be improved by impregnation. Mix 2-3 tablespoons of vegetable oil, one teaspoon of lemon juice, a pinch of salt, and some ground pepper in a small bowl. Carefully pour this dressing over the top layer of the already assembled salad before you apply the final, final layer of mayonnaise. The dressing will make the herring under the fur coat more succulent and give the salad a rich flavor.

If you bought the wrong fish: how to improve the taste of herring
If you bought fresh, but not very tasty herring, the situation can always be corrected.

Added to the salad a layer of pickled onions, placed immediately on top of the herring, will significantly improve the taste of lightly salted fish.

If, on the contrary, you bought too salty fish, you can soak it in milk. For this purpose, the cleaned herring should be poured with milk so that the milk completely covers the fish. Put the dish with the fish in the fridge for an hour, after which the fish is washed under running water, finely chopped, and added to the salad.

What to garnish herring under a fur coat

Most lovers of herring under a fur coat believe that this dish is so self-sufficient that it does not require any garnish at all. However, chefs advise serving mashed potatoes or baked vegetables to herring under a fur coat.

You can also serve pickles, pickled onions, and red caviar to the salad.

What herring to use for herring under a fur coat

For the salad, it is better to use not preserves, but whole fish. You can also use an already-cooked fillet.

As for which fish is preferable – Pacific or Atlantic, chefs have not come to a consensus. Choose the fish you like best. The main rule is that herring should be lightly salted, fatty, dense, and without extraneous odors.

Is it possible to prepare herring under a fur coat in advance?

Yes, you can, but not more than one day in advance. You usually make herring under a fur coat in the evening, and then put it in the fridge for one night to let it soak in the morning.

If you are desperate for the time you can boil the vegetables and separate the herring into fillets beforehand and put them in the fridge in hermetically sealed containers. However, picking the salad and adding mayonnaise more than a day before consumption is strictly forbidden.

How to cook beets for coat

The duration of boiling beets depends on the size of the root vegetable and its variety. Beets of medium size are cooked over medium heat under a lid for about 40 minutes. Large beets can be boiled for about two hours, keeping in mind that during the boiling water boils and it will need to be periodically added.

If the beets do not boil for too long, add a teaspoon of sugar to the water, reduce the heat to low, and cook under a closed lid until a knife begins to gently enter the vegetable.

Beets can also be baked in the oven or microwave. Whichever way you choose to cook the beets, keep in mind that you should only boil or bake the vegetable when it is not peeled. If you peel the beets before cooking, they will give up all their color.

Top Salads

Herring under a fur coat with egg

Boil 2-3 large potatoes, 2 medium carrots and 2 medium beets, and 2-3 eggs. Shred the potatoes and eggs finely. Beets and carrots grate on a grater. Herring is cut into small pieces, removing the bones beforehand. We lay out on a serving plate first herring, then onion, potatoes, egg, carrot, and beet. Each layer of mayonnaise. Let the salad stay in the fridge for 2-3 hours to let it soak.

Herring under a fur coat with apple

Boil 2-3 large potatoes, 2 carrots, and 2 medium beets. Finely chop one medium onion, and add to it a teaspoon of sugar and a tablespoon of vinegar. We leave the onions for 10-15 minutes to marinate them. Grate-boiled vegetables. We lay out the salad in layers: potatoes, onion, herring, grated sour apple, carrot, and beet. Put mayonnaise on each layer.

New style herring under a fur coat

The salad can be prepared in the form of a roll. To do this, cover the table with several layers of food film or foil. Put a layer of grated beets on the foil, grated carrots, pickled onions, finely chopped herring, and grated boiled potatoes. Smear mayonnaise on all the layers one after another. Carefully roll up the foil so that the salad becomes a roll. Put the salad in the fridge to soak and stabilize. Before serving remove the foil, and decorate the salad with mayonnaise and fresh herbs.

Portioned herring under a fur coat

If you want to move away from the classic serving of herring under the fur coat – buy tartlets. The only thing is that you have to buy quite big and thick tartlets. We lay out the salad in layers as usual: potatoes, onions, herring, carrots, and beets. Each layer of mayonnaise. On top, we decorate the tartlet with mayonnaise and half of the boiled quail egg.

Herring rolls under a fur coat

Medium potatoes – 2-3 pcs, carrots – 2-3 pcs, beets – 2-3 pcs. Boil the vegetables and grate them on a coarse grater. Put two layers of foil on the table and start making the salad. Put a layer of grated beets, carrots, herring, and grated potatoes on the foil. Put mayonnaise on each layer and wrap the foil so that the salad becomes a roll. Take the salad to the fridge overnight. Before serving, carefully remove the foil and cut the roll into portions. Serve the rolls, decorating them with mayonnaise and fresh herbs.

Herring under a fur coat with cheese

Herring – 300 gr, melted cheese – 200 gr, potatoes – 2-3 pcs., carrots – 2-3 pcs. Grate boiled vegetables and arrange them in layers, putting mayonnaise on each layer. The first layer is potatoes. Then put shredded herring, grated melted cheese, carrot, and grated beet. The top layer is decorated with mayonnaise and fresh herbs.

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