How to Iron Very Wrinkled Clothes Without an Iron: 5 Unexpected Options

Smooth and ironed clothes are not only pleasing to the body but also give you a positive impression. Nevertheless, it is not always possible to put things in order in this way – the iron can break and the electricity can disappear.

How to iron without a hair dryer

The first way is to use a hair-drying device. You need to put the wrinkled thing on a flat surface and blow it with hot air a few centimeters away from the fabric. For best effect, do this manipulation on both sides of the garment – then all the creases and “wrinkles” will be smoothed. If a t-shirt, shirt, or dress is too wrinkled, you can get it, so it will be easier to iron the garment.

How to iron things without an iron – a tiphack with an iron

Many girls have a hair iron – a device with which you can quickly and qualitatively smooth out curly curls. With it you can quickly smooth out not only the hair but also clothes, the main thing is to make sure that there is no rust or other dirt on it. If you want to use this method, then put a medium heat level and do not press the fabric too hard.

How to iron heavily creased clothes with a towel

The third option is to use a damp towel to iron things. Lay the clothes you want to iron on a flat surface and place a damp towel on top. Choose one that covers most of the fabric. Smooth it out with your hands, pressing it on top and sort of smoothing it and the garment underneath. Then take out the wrinkled thing, hang it on hangers, and leave it to dry – at the end, you’ll see that there are no more creases or wrinkles.

How to iron clothes without ironing in a hotel or on a trip

This option is perfect for those who travel frequently on vacations or business trips. You need to hang your wrinkled clothes in the shower stall and turn on the hot water. Direct the jet of water directly at the clothes, blasting them with water and steam. Then turn off the water and close the door to create a sauna effect inside the bathroom. After 10 minutes, check your clothes – if creases remain, repeat the procedure.

How to use a self-smoothing solution

The pearl of our list is a unique liquid, which is used by absolutely all opponents of ironing. Its second name is “liquid iron”. Such sprays are sold in stores with departments of household chemicals, you can also find them on the Internet. As a rule, the method of using the means is simple – hang the thing on hangers and treat it with a spray from a distance of about 25 cm. Then smooth the clothes with your hands and leave them to dry.

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