How to Iron Wrinkled Clothes Without an Iron: Top 5 Unexpected Tips

You certainly can’t guess which ways work just as well as a traditional iron. A badly wrinkled garment can easily ruin your overall impression in any environment, particularly a professional one. Unfortunately, sometimes technology fails, but your clothes can be ironed without an iron.

Need a hair dryer

Ironing things without iron is easier than you might think. Your hair dryer works great for this. Lay the thing on a flat, flat surface and run a few inches of hot air over it.

How to smooth out a badly crumpled thing with a hair dryer? Easy – pre-moisten it with water with an atomizer.

A shower will do the trick

This little trick is great for travelers. If you don’t have an iron in your apartment, you can iron the clothes in the shower. Turn on the hottest water, hang the thing in the bathroom, and close the door for a few minutes. The sauna effect will handle any crumple on the fabric. It’s a nice little tiphack to avoid ironing your clothes.

By the way, this method is great for ironing a down jacket without iron, or a windbreaker and a skirt made of fabric on which it is difficult to hide crumples.

A styler will do the trick

A hair straightener does a great job as an iron. You can use it to iron things like cuffs, collars, and anything else that needs to be straightened perfectly.

Try not to put too much pressure on the fabric when ironing, and make sure that there are no hair product residues on the hair straightener before using it.

No technique, just spray

Have you ever wondered how to iron clothes without electricity? A crease smoothing spray is perfect for that. You can get it at any home improvement store. Spray it about 25 centimeters away from your clothes. Almost immediately you can put your clothes on.

“Liquid Iron”

Our grandmothers came up with a cheap and gentle alternative without unnecessary chemicals – “liquid iron”. To do this, mix white vinegar with water in a 1:3 ratio. Using a spray gun, apply the mixture to the clothes and let them dry. The spray will help get rid of unpleasant odors.

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Written by Emma Miller

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