How to Make a Heater With Your Own Hands: Warming up Without Gas and Electricity

Heater from tea candles and tin cans

Tea candles and tall tin cans can be used to make a heater for a small room or office. Such a device can be taken with you to nature in a tent.

Heater from candles and pots

A candle heater is made from a candle in a glass flask, which is placed between two bricks. Above the candle is placed a special heater of three pots of different diameters, inserted into each other. The pots are connected by a long metal bolt, on which washers and nuts are strung. Clay pots do not retain heat very well – it is better to replace them with tins.

Such a heater does not allow the heat of the candle to dissipate into the air, but stores heat in the pot. The central rod gets very hot and releases additional heat. Such a heater will not heat the whole room, but it can be placed near the bed for extra heat.

Plastic Bottle Warmers

Fill a bottle with very hot water and warm your bed or clothing. You can also use the water bottle to warm your feet while you sit at the table. To keep the water hot longer, you can wrap a towel around the bottles.

A heater made of a spirit stick

A liquor burner is a simple, handy heater made from an iron can and lit liquor. Take a small iron container with an iron lid, such as a beer or condensed milk can. Draw a horizontal line at 2/3 of the height of the can. Make 3-5 small holes on the line in the can with a knife or awl.

Pour the alcohol into the jar and close the lid. Place the jar on a non-flammable surface and shake it so that the alcohol pours a little through the holes on the outside of the jar. Light the alcohol on the outside and wait for it to burn out. Repeat the procedure several times until the flame is “on its own.”

You can put such a heater near you and keep warm, as well as cook food on it or boil a kettle. For greater fire safety, it is recommended to put a homemade spirit stick in a large iron container.

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