How To Preserve Eggs for the Winter: Stay Fresh For a Long Time

Chicken eggs are an essential part of many people’s diets. A puffy omelet, a delicious glazed egg, a fancy poached egg – eggs can be prepared in many different ways. But not everyone knows what to do if there are too many eggs because storing them for too long is dangerous. It turns out that there is a way, which for some reason not many people talk about. Eggs can be frozen, they store well in the freezer.

Freezing chicken eggs – basic principles

To understand how to freeze chicken eggs, it is worth remembering physics. When freezing, the liquid (which is also in the egg) expands. And that’s why you can’t freeze the whole egg – the shell will crack. That is why eggs are frozen in trays, special containers, and even in ice molds.

To freeze eggs break them in a bowl and mix thoroughly. Try to beat the eggs thoroughly, so that the mixture becomes full of oxygen. The important thing about freezing eggs is the special ingredient. After thawing, the egg mixture may become grainy, but if you add salt, sugar, honey, or corn syrup, the consistency will not change at all.

You should add 0.5 teaspoons of salt per cup of raw beaten eggs. If you plan to make sweet dishes out of the mixture, add honey or sugar. If you want to add corn syrup, you will need 1-2 tablespoons of sweet liquid per 1 cup of the raw egg mixture. Frozen raw eggs can be stored for about a year.

In addition, you can freeze hard-boiled eggs. It is advisable to peel them from the shell because it will be more difficult to do it when defrosting.

How to defrost eggs

Experienced housewives advise defrosting eggs in the refrigerator. Move the egg tray from the freezer to the main compartment of the refrigerator. This allows them to defrost gradually, without a temperature spike.

Defrosted eggs can be fried or boiled. They produce a little more foam when boiling than unfrozen eggs, but that shouldn’t scare you. Frozen yolks are very tasty, they become creamy. Along with the consistency, the taste changes as well. Frozen yolks taste like cooked yolks.

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