How to Properly Clean an Apartment: Step-by-Step Instructions

All housewives have to clean their apartments. It would seem that you don’t litter at home, and you don’t walk around with dirty shoes, but literally, two or three days after cleaning the apartment doesn’t look clean anymore. Once again there is a need to set aside a day and scrub, wash, rub, sweep… and after a few days everything is repeated. Anyone can lose heart that way!

What do you do? How do you plan the right way to clean your apartment? Here are a few tips and tricks to share with you.

What you need to clean your apartment

  • Glass cleaner;
  • Detergents to remove grease;
  • Cleaning powders and gels;
  • Furniture polish;
  • Rubber gloves, clothes, sponges.
  • In what order to clean

The basic rule of cleaning is not to spread dirt to clean places. Therefore, cleaning should begin with the farthest from the restroom.

In the rooms themselves, you need to clean from the top down. That is, sweep the dust from the ceiling fixtures, clean the cabinets, and shelves, sweep the dust from the furniture and only after that wash the floor.

How to properly clean an apartment – step-by-step instructions

First, take out and throw away all the junk. This can be unnecessary paper, receipts, tissues, boxes, and so on.

Start cleaning rooms by washing windows, both exterior and interior. It is not necessary to do it every few days. However, the more often – the easier it is because the windows are covered with dust at an incredible rate.

Don’t be lazy and wipe down your curtains! These are real dust collectors that we may not think about for months or even years.

Then tidy up the cabinets, there’s usually shoeboxes and “maybe you’ll need it” stuff languishing on a thick cushion of dust. Wipe the dust off all the shelves, and the furniture itself would be good to rub a special agent (polish). Thanks to such means the dust will be less likely to settle on the cabinets.

Before you start cleaning the floors, vacuum and quickly wipe the baseboards with a damp cloth. Only after that can you safely wash the floors.

As we wrote above, move from the far rooms towards the bathroom and toilet. They are the last to be cleaned. Do not forget to clean the bathroom mirror, this will immediately add a sense of freshness and order. And yes, get rid of unnecessary jars and bottles on the shelves. At a minimum, just allocate a separate drawer in the closet, where you’ll store stocks of cosmetics, shampoos, and masks.

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