How to Properly Sharpen a Meat Grinder Knife: The Easiest Ways

Do not rush to ask how much it costs to sharpen a blade for a meat grinder if it does not work well, because you can solve the problem yourself.

If you are wondering why the electric meat grinder does not twist the meat, or if the same problem arose with a Soviet mechanical device, most likely there was a problem with almost the most important part – the knife.

In this case, do not immediately think about where to give your meat grinder to be repaired, because the problem is quite possible to solve yourself.

You can sharpen the blade of a meat grinder at home in several fairly simple ways – with an emery board, a stone, or a grinder. It is important to observe one rule – it is necessary to sharpen not only the knife but also the side of the grinder mesh, with which it is in contact.

How to sharpen the mincing knife with an emery machine – an easy way

Take fine sandpaper and stick it to a flat surface. In a circular motion, sharpen the knife and the mesh of the meat grinder. The main thing is not to grind the parts of the meat grinder to such an extent that they stop touching.

How to sharpen the mincing knife with a stone – the easy way

Take the knife and the mesh, put them on an emery stone, and make a few circular motions. Then secure the result with fine sandpaper. The main thing is not to overdo it.

How to sharpen a meat grinder knife with a grinder – an easy way

Take the thinnest cutting disc for the grinder and set it. Put the grinder disc up so that you can lay the blade of the knife on its open side. Place the blades one at a time on the cutting wheel of the slicer – there is no need to put pressure on the wheel.

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