How to Quickly Dry Laundry in the Apartment in the Fall and Winter: Proven Tips and Tricks

In the fall, wet clothes hung out on the balcony get damp and don’t dry well. In winter it is even worse – it turns into ice. We can’t like it – instead of dry and nice things, we get a frozen piece of fabric and wonder how and where to dry it.

Is it possible to dry laundry in the apartment – arguments

The main rule to follow if you need to dry laundry in the cold season – is not to hang clothes in the living room. That is, a separate room should be allocated for drying the laundry, and obviously not the one where you sleep.

This is the answer to the question of why you can not dry laundry in the room to sleep – because of the large number of wet things, the moisture level in the air increases. It becomes “heavy”, it will be harder for you to breathe, and also wet laundry will “pick up” absolutely all the dust that is in the room. Also drying laundry in the room will lead to mold, so it is best to put the dryer in the kitchen, hallway, or other room.

Where it is forbidden to dry laundry – the most unfortunate option

You can not dry clothes on the radiators – this is the first thing to remember. Small and compact closet items, such as underwear or socks, can be left on the radiator. But bedding, towels, and other things are better not to put there. The thing is that the radiator, heating clothes, accelerates water evaporation and provokes the formation of large amounts of moisture in the air. In addition, if you dry things on the radiator, then all of its heat will give them, as the access to the cold space will be blocked.

How to dry laundry in the bathtub – tips and tricks

Leaving wet clothes in the bathroom is a bad idea because the moisture level there will be obscenely high. The room where you shower is constantly “in the water,” and you’ll create more moisture by leaving wet clothes lying around. If you really want to dry clothes in this way – hang them on the towel dryer, while making sure that the bathroom doors are open.

Any other variant, be it radiators or the usual clotheslines, stretched along the walls, does not suit us.

How to dry laundry in an apartment if there is no balcony – recommendations

There are a few basic rules that are better to consider in order to both dry the laundry and not harm yourself:

  • Increase the spin mode on the washing machine – less wet laundry dries faster;
  • Hang your clothes in a dryer in a non-residential room;
  • Open windows to ventilate the room and prevent moisture oversaturation;
  • Spread out your laundry as much as possible – unnecessary water may remain in the folds.

When there will be sub-zero temperatures outside, the relevant question will be how to dry laundry in winter and whether you should let it freeze. In fact, frost is even good for the fabric – it “kills” bacteria and fungi. So if you do not need dry laundry urgently – feel free to hang it outdoors. When the laundry is frozen, don’t break it and don’t fold it before it thaws, or you’ll damage the fabric’s structure.

Useful tip: If you want your laundry to stay warm in freezing temperatures, add a little salt to the washing machine compartment during the wash.

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