How to Remove Tree Resin From Clothes: 5 Reliable Methods

Wood resin is one of the most difficult dirt to remove. The main problem is the stickiness of the substance itself and the density of its structure. The main task during washing is to choose a cleaner that will not damage the clothes, otherwise, there is a high chance of getting rid of the stain instead of getting rid of things.

What to do if the tar has soaked into the clothes – tips

After a walk in the woods or a city park, many people find stains and pieces of tar on their clothes. It is difficult to get rid of them, but nothing is impossible, the main thing is to act carefully and intelligently. In the process of combating such stains, you can use folk methods.

How to wash tar from a jacket with alcohol

To clean things from tar stains, take absorbent cotton and soak it in alcohol. Then rub the stain until it disappears, the main thing is not to touch other areas of the fabric so as not to damage the texture. Next, wash and dry the garment as usual.

How to remove tree resin from clothes with baking soda

This method is only suitable for light-colored clothes – baking soda can leave stains on dark clothes. You need to mix the baking soda with water in such a proportion that you end up with a mush that resembles semolina in consistency. Test the product on the back of the garment – see if the fabric can withstand such a cleaner. If it’s okay, apply some baking soda to the stain and leave it on for 1 hour. Then wash and dry the garment.

How to remove tar from jeans with an iron

Another proven method is to remove tar stains with hot air. You need to turn the garment inside out, put it with the stain facing down and place a piece of paper under the stain. Then heat the iron and iron the problem area – the tar will eventually melt and soak into the paper.

You should continue ironing, and replacing the paper until the tar is completely gone. If after all the tar is gone, a stain remains on jeans or other clothes, you can remove it with alcohol or nail polish remover, and then wash the clothes.

How to remove tar from black clothes with ice

The fourth option is to use ice cubes as a means to get rid of wood resin. All you need to do is put an ice cube on the tar stain and wait for it to solidify. Then take a knife and scrape the tar off your clothes. In the end, you just need to wash the clothes the way you usually do.

How to get pine tar out of silk or wool clothes

An unusual but effective way is to remove a tar stain with a chicken egg. Take the product, separate the yolk from the white, apply the protein to the stain, and leave it for 3-5 minutes. Wash the clothes and dry them in the usual way.

The point is that the chicken egg is a gentle cleaner, which is ideal for delicate fabrics and certainly will not ruin wool or silk items.

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