How to Store Pancakes So They Don’t Go Bad

Pancakes are a dish that requires effort and time. It would be a shame if you bake a stack of flavorful pancakes and they go bad in the evening. Here are some tips on how to store pancakes.

Make a mountain of pancakes and do not know how to store them? Not a problem. So, you made pancakes and want to treat them to all the family. For this, they need to stay up in the evening, and preferably they should stay warm. There are several ways to keep the pancakes warm.

  • You should put hot water or even boiling water in a pan, put a plate with pancakes on top, and cover it with a lid.
  • Cover the plate with a lid and send it to the barely heated oven.

What to do so that the pancakes do not stick together in this storage? It is enough to dab them thickly with butter or additionally pour sugar over them if they are pancakes for dessert.

Important: Do not keep the pancakes for a long time in such a way, or they quickly go sour.

How to store pancakes

If all the pancakes are not eaten on the day of preparation, they can be stored “for later”. Should the pancakes be put away in the fridge overnight? Absolutely! Do not keep pancakes at room temperature for a long time, this is a perishable product. The very next day out of the fridge they are likely to go sour.

The shelf life of pancakes depends on the dough and storage temperature. On average, 2-3 days is how long pancakes are stored in the refrigerator. To do this, you should wrap them in a bag or food film. After this time, the pancakes, if not spoiled, will begin to dry out.

How long you can store pancakes in the freezer – up to 4 months.

How to freeze pancakes

To make pancakes, you can freeze them in the freezer. To do this, each pancake must be cooled. Each pancake should be covered with parchment or cling film. A stack of pancakes should also be wrapped in clingfilm or a bag and sent to the freezer.

Can I freeze-filled pancakes? Of course, it is! This is a great way to save time and to please yourself and your family with delicious pancakes in the future. In order to freeze pancakes with toppings, they also need to be completely cooled beforehand and spread on a board so that they do not touch and freeze. Already frozen pancakes should be placed in a container or bag.

How long can you keep pancakes in the freezer? On average, the shelf life of frozen pancakes does not exceed 4 months. Pancakes with cottage cheese or meat fillings are still better to store for no more than 3 months.

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