How to Store Rice to Avoid Bugs: Useful Tips and Tricks

Store cereals, including rice, must be stored properly, otherwise, the container sooner or later will be infested with insects. In addition, rice can dry out, and this already makes it unfit for consumption.

How to store rice grits – tips and recommendations

Many people think that you can store rice in the same package in which you bought it – this is not true. Being in a plastic bag, the groats begin to wither and absorb an unpleasant smell. In addition, you do not know whether the sanitary standards of the production – if not, then in the package with the rice can be insect larvae, which then turn into bugs.

Storing rice in a glass jar is the best way to protect it from spoilage and pest infestation. After buying rice, pour it into a suitable glass or plastic container with a tightly closing lid. Iron can not be used – it can begin to rust, in addition, is not able to provide a complete seal.

The ideal temperature for storing rice is 5 to 15 ° C, with humidity of 60-70%. Direct sunlight is categorically forbidden – it should not fall on the jar. By the way, frost and cold quickly “kill” any bacteria – this is the answer to the question of whether you can store rice in the refrigerator.

If you find pests in the jar – put the groats in the freezer, or refrigerator or take them to the balcony. You can also put a bay leaf or garlic in a jar of rice – this deters pests. To keep the rice from drying out, fill a cotton bag with salt and place it in the jar.

If all the above conditions are observed, rice can be stored safely for up to six months, and polished – for a year. If the groats lie longer, it is recommended that before using it, it should be calcined.

How to properly and long store rice, if it is already cooked

Boiled rice can only be stored in the refrigerator. If no oil has been added to the groats, they will not spoil within 5 days. Porridge with oil will keep less – only 3 days. If you cooked rice porridge with milk, then its shelf life is 24 hours, after which the dish goes sour.

Hoarding housewives recommend storing rice in a tightly closed container away from other products, which can exude a pungent smell. To avoid dooming the rice to a trip to the trash, the porridge can be frozen and kept in the freezer for up to 40 days. If it is “minus” outside, the cooked cereal can be taken to the balcony and stored there.

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