How to Store Tangerines: the Main Rules are Named

Every hostess wants to treat guests and relatives on New Year’s Eve with fragrant and juicy tangerines. There are several secrets that will keep them like this for literally a whole month.

Tangerines are one of the main things with which we associate the New Year since childhood, and their aroma certainly accompanies every New Year’s feast.

But how to store tangerines correctly so that they will last throughout the New Year and Christmas holidays and then not have to buy more? We have gathered for you some tips to help you store tangerines so that they stay fresh and juicy.

How long you can keep citrus fruits – tips

The first thing to remember is that any citrus fruits, including tangerines, should not be stored for more than 10 days. Even if after that time they haven’t gone bad, they won’t taste the same, fresh and distinct. Remember that tangerines do not have the property to ripen, so for storage buy already-ripe fruit.

Can I keep citrus fruit in the fridge – recommendations

There are several ways to preserve the freshness and flavor of tangerines and citrus fruits for as long as possible.

  • Refrigerate

This is the best way to store tangerines. Put them in a fruit and vegetable container and be sure to empty the bag, or else the tangerines will rot quickly. Make sure the container contains only tangerines, or at the very least, only citrus fruits. Make sure each fruit is dry – moisture will cause mold to form quickly.

  • Paper or newspaper

Another tip for keeping tangerines fresh for a long – wrap each tangerine in paper or newspaper, put it in an enameled pot, and cover it, then put it in the refrigerator. The most suitable temperature for storing tangerines is +4 to +9°C.

  • Balcony

If you have an overcrowded refrigerator for the holidays, you can put tangerines on the balcony, but they must be insulated, as they will quickly freeze and spoil in sub-zero temperatures. Also, citrus fruit should not be exposed to the sun’s rays.

Useful tip: at room temperature citrus fruits should not be stored unless you expect to eat them in a day or two. The fact is that at temperatures above 15 degrees, mandarins quickly begin to wither and spoil.

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