How to Sweep Correctly: The Rules are Named, How Not to Sweep the Luck Out of the House

In the era of modern devices for cleaning the house, you can easily forget how to properly sweep with a broom. However, it is worth considering that now, when there is often no electricity, a broom is literally indispensable for every housewife. We have collected some effective tips on how to properly sweep the house.

How to properly sweep – folk tips

The main thing here is to know how to properly sweep the house – from the threshold or to it. According to ancient wisdom, sweep the trash through the center of the room to the threshold. It is believed that if you sweep in the opposite direction, then everything you need to get rid of, you will bring back into your life.

And also it is better not to sweep the trash from the house over the threshold, but to collect it on the dustpan in front of it. It is believed that by sweeping the trash out over the threshold, we “banish” prosperity from the house.

Why do we need to put a bag on the broom – a simple “hat tip” for the hostess

The fact is that when sweeping with a broom, fine dust rises into the air. Larger debris will be swept away, but it can get entangled in the branches of the broom. So, to avoid this, you should put on a broom an ordinary package and tie it up. Thus, the trash particles will not get stuck in the broom, and the fine dust and hair just begin to be magnetized to the package.

How to get rid of dust in the house – useful tips

Even the cleanest house will look untidy if the dust settles on the surfaces. Therefore, the following rules should be adhered to:

  • Do damp cleaning more often – at least once a week.
  • Remove items from rooms that only collect dust, such as decorations, stuffed toys, stacks of old magazines, or newspapers.
  • Air the room once a day.
  • Do not forget to regularly wash or dry-clean your bedspreads.

It is these simple actions that will help you to get rid of dust in the house for a long time.

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Written by Emma Miller

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