How to Transplant Cacti and Not to Get Pricked: Rules and Recommendations

The cactus is a popular houseplant of choice for many people. It, like any other flower, needs quality care, which includes transplanting.

How to transplant a cactus with large needles – safety rules

Most cacti have a unique feature – large needles, which protect the plant from uncoordinated invasion from the outside. In terms of the laws of nature, it is convenient, but it is difficult to transplant such a plant. In order not to prick yourself, you can use kitchen tongs or tacking, and also wrap the plant with painter’s tape.

What kind of soil for cacti – recommendations

Before you start transplanting a cactus, you need to choose a pot for it. The size of the container depends on the size of the plant – if you need to transplant a cactus in the period of its active growth because it began to rest its roots against the walls of the pot, it makes sense to take a container of 2-3 cm more than the previous one. If you want to transplant an old cactus that has stopped developing, you can use the same pot or buy a new one – larger by 1 cm in diameter.

Also important is the soil – usually, specialized stores sold soil “For cacti”, it contains all the substances the plant needs. If desired, you can add crushed bricks or coarse sand to it. It is important to remember that 3-4 days before transplanting, stop watering the cactus – this will help to easily remove the plant from the pot.

How to transplant a tall cactus or any other – technology

To transplant a cactus quickly and safely, follow the instructions:

  • Remove the top layer of soil, turn the cactus over, wrap it in a towel or folded newspaper, and remove it from the pot;
  • loosen the roots and discard any excess soil;
  • inspect the roots, remove any dry or diseased roots;
  • fill the pot with the soil you purchased, place the plant inside, and cover it with soil.

Remember that when you remove the cactus from the pot you must not pull it forcibly – these plants are prone to injury, so if you can’t get the flower out easily – knock on the vase or smash it all together.

Water the transplanted cactus after a week at the earliest. Next,  you need to rely on the state of the soil – it should be completely dry in 7-10 days. Once this regime is fixed, it’s acceptable to return to the usual schedule. Cacti themselves are unpretentious about care, all you need is to put the flower in a sunny place and provide it with regular watering.

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