How to Wash a Sports Bag to Wash and Not to Spoil the Thing

Washing a gym bag is time-consuming, but not difficult

Sports and travel bags quickly become covered in dirt, dust, grass, and other stains. The large volume of bags can cause difficulties with washing.

What you need to do before washing

  • Remove all decorative items – badges, key rings, stickers.
  • Unfasten carbines, straps, belts, and other details.
  • Button up zippers and buttons.
  • Wash the dirtiest stains separately with a cloth.

How to wash a sports bag by hand

A bag with a rigid frame or with delicate elements is better to wash by hand. Prepare a large basin where the bag will fit. Fill with warm water, and dissolve a little vinegar and baking soda. Soak the bag in this water for several hours.

Then pour the water out and fill it with new water. Add detergent or laundry gel to the water. Place the bag in the solution and brush over all surfaces. Rinse under running water. No need to spin it, just hang it by its handles and let it dry naturally.

How to wash a gym bag in the machine

Before washing, turn the bag inside out and put it in a special washing bag. In the machine, select “Delicate”, “Gentle”, or “Hand wash” mode. It is not recommended to set the water temperature above 40 degrees. Use gel instead of detergent to avoid streaks on your bag.

Your bag may be rinsed in the machine, but the spin function should be turned off. After washing, hang the bag in the bathroom or outdoors and dry it naturally. Do not dry the product with a hair dryer – there is a high chance of damage.

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