How To Wash Woolen Clothes: 6 Tips to Avoid Ruining Your Favorite Sweater

Wool is a capricious young lady. It washed the wrong way, wrung out the wrong way, hung up the wrong way, and that’s it, goodbye beloved sweater.

How to wash wool – 6 rules for a successful wash

  1. Never soak it in. We do not recommend soaking wool before washing or at least reducing the soaking time as much as possible. If woolen things are in the water for a long time, the threads stretch and deform, and the products lose their original appearance.
  2. Manual or gentle washing. The safest way to wash wool is by hand. In this case, the thing should not be rubbed, gently immersed in water, or gently crumpled. If there is no possibility of washing by hand, you can do it in a washing machine. You should choose a delicate mode – “Hand wash” or “Wool”, and the product washing put it in a special mesh bag.
  3. The right detergent. Detergents for washing wool can take any, but it is better to use liquid – they are better rinsed out and gently cleaned. Wool also likes to be washed with detergents that include lanolin – it makes the fibers softer and firmer and preserves their structure. If there is no special product, a mild shampoo or hair conditioner will do.
  4. Water temperature should be no higher than 30°C. Wool can be washed in cold or warm water at a temperature of up to 30 ° C. If the temperature is higher – the thing will “shrink”. But the denser the knitting and yarn, the stronger it is and will withstand more manipulation. New colored items are better washed separately, and when rinsing add vinegar: 2 tbsp. per basin of water, or 2 tbsp. per 1 cup of water – for the washing machine tray.
  5. No wringing. If you wash woolen clothes in the machine, the spinning and drying do not need to choose – the items may stretch. It is better to wrap them in a towel and lightly squeeze them. If you do not know how to wash a wool sweater, especially your favorite – it is better to give the product to the dry cleaner.
  6. How to Dry Woolen Clothes. Woolen items should be dried at room temperature, without direct sunlight. It is best to lay them on a horizontal surface. Do not hang woolen clothes on a rope or “hangers” – they will deform. And remember – wool does not like frequent washing. If there is a possibility not to wash, just remove stains and air them out.
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