Insulating the House with Reeds: A Simple and Budget Option to Save From the Cold

Do not think that it takes a lot of money to insulate a house. With the onset of cold weather, many people think about the best way to insulate a house. The question arises: What is the best way to insulate a house from the outside? One option is a reed. They were insulated by our ancestors, but now the method has received a more modern variation.

When it is best to insulate the walls outside the house

Many homeowners are thinking about insulating, but can not decide on the date of the beginning of work. When can you insulate a house? Experts believe that the most successful time to insulate the house is from April to September. However, situations are different. Sometimes it is necessary to escape the cold urgently, without waiting until spring. Is it possible to insulate the house in the cold? Insulating a house in winter seems to many impossible and difficult. In fact, everything is real, it is only important to take into account that it is better to work on days when it will not rain or snow.

Reed for insulation: what is the point

Insulating the house in winter with a reed – a simple and budgetary way to protect your home from the cold. Folk craftsmen have been reviving this technique for several years in a row, improving it with modern methods. So, special slabs can be made from reeds. To do this, you need to dry the reed, and then remove the leaves from the stem. It is important to clean the internal cavities of the stem, removing the baffles and films. The cleaned stalks should then be stacked in layers, and pressed tightly together with metal staples.

Reeds can be used to make panels, forming square “tiles” that can then be easily attached to walls. It is important to cover the reeds with siding because without a “cover,” the stems will quickly dry out or be infested by mice. Reed is a great option. With him insulating the house with their own hands will not greatly “hit the pocket,” and the result will pleasantly surprise you.

The reed perfectly keeps heat, gives additional soundproofing and practically costs nothing. The only thing is that reeds are quick to ignite. However, this problem can easily be eliminated if you treat the stems with special solutions that will make them almost fireproof.

What else can be used to insulate the house?

What is the best way to insulate a house from the outside? It all depends on your budget and what kind of house you need to protect yourself from the cold. If you do not want to “mess around” with reeds, then other methods will suit you. In any construction store, you will be easily told how to insulate the house from the outside inexpensively. Most often, the walls of houses are lined with such materials:

  • mineral wool,
  • phenoplast
  • polyurethane foam,
  • Thermopanels (a layer of foam plastic and finished finish).

Each of these options has its pros and cons, but the result will be the same – your house will be warm. Mineral wool is easy to attach, and Styrofoam is a fairly budget option, polyurethane foam is poured between the walls, and thermopane will definitely like those who want to do everything quickly and without extra “gestures”.

Insulating the house: what is the benefit

If you still do not know what will happen if you insulate the house from the inside, in addition to the fact that you will stop freezing, then you will find some nice “bonuses. So, an insulated house is much easier to heat, it keeps warm, and therefore the utility bills in the winter time will not be upset. Thermal insulation of the house outside will also suit those who have already made repairs inside but are thinking about additional measures of protection against the winter cold.

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