It Won’t Crumple or Lose its Shape: How Best to Wash a Bra

It is believed that the bra can be worn three times and then washed – if you do it less often, but the fabrics of underwear soak up odors and liquids, and this is already unhygienic.

How to wash a bra with bones or a push-up

In order to understand how to wash a bra with a push-up, it is necessary to take into account that such models, as well as those in which there are bones, can deform visibly in the machine. That is why you need to buy a special bag for products with a pushup-up or seals and only use it to wash your underwear.

How to wash a bra with foam in the machine – instructions:

  • Fasten all hooks on the bra;
  • Separate the models with a push-up and models without it;
  • fold the underwear in a special pouch or pillowcase;
  • Pour the gel solution into the special compartment;
  • set the machine to manual or delicate washing mode;
  • turn on the machine and set the temperature to 40°C.

It is better to use gel detergents to wash bras – ordinary powders are not completely washed from fabrics, and the remaining particles “attract” dust and dirt.

In addition, you can’t wash light-colored bustiers together with dark or colored things – you risk getting stained underwear. Experienced hostesses do not recommend washing bras with “heavy” things – jeans, sweaters, towels, etc.

Dry the bra carefully, without wringing it or twisting it. It is also forbidden to leave laundry on heating radiators. At the end of washing, it is recommended to take out the bra, smooth out the cups and straps, and then put it on a horizontal surface or hang it on a rope. Do not dry the underwear vertically – the straps may stretch or you may leave an ugly clothespin mark on the cups.

Hand washing your bra – easy tips

If you do not want to wash your underwear in the machine or are not sure that it is worth it – you can clean it by hand. The technology is simple:

  • Pour warm water into a basin;
  • Add detergent gel;
  • Soak the bra in liquid for 30 minutes;
  • If you have sweat stains add soda or salt to the solution (1 tbsp. water to 1 tbsp. substance);
  • gently rub the bra with your hands and wipe the straps with a sponge;
  • rinse the bustier in warm clean water;
  • wrap the underwear in a terry towel, removing any residual moisture;
  • Leave to dry on a horizontal surface.

If desired, you can add a few drops of essential oil to the soaking solution – then the bra will smell nice. Due to the fact that expensive models with lace, embroidery, sequins, or gel push-up cannot be washed in a machine, the option of hand washing is still considered the most effective way to clean lingerie.

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