Live Porridge Without Cooking: Recipes for Cooking Cereals Without Stove and Oven

Live porridge without cooking – what is it and why?

Porridge that is cooked without the use of fire, electricity, induction, and cooking is also called “living porridge”. In conditions of constant blackouts, such recipes can be a real salvation for the hostess.

Obviously, for cooking, you need to take cereals, which can be simply poured with boiling water or cold water and eaten. Rice does not belong to such cereals – steaming it without boiling is possible, but to finish cooking – in a pan or in the microwave – still have to, otherwise, it will not be hard. But soft cereals like oatmeal, semolina, or bulgur are perfect for this cooking method.

Bulgur without boiling – an easy way to cook it

To make bulgur, a cereal made from boiled, dried, and shredded wheat, you need the kernels themselves and boiling water. For one part of the groats take two parts of just boiling liquid (water or broth). A container with the poured groats should be covered with a plate or lid and covered with a cloth. You can also use a thermos. It will take about 40 minutes for cooking. Salt and spices should be added at the beginning of cooking.

Semolina without boiling – recipe

To prepare semolina, pour milk (you can take vegetable milk) at a rate of 200 ml of liquid per 50 grams of semolina. Cover the container with a lid and put it in the refrigerator or other cold place for a few hours or overnight. The swollen porridge can be decorated with berries, or fruits, add syrup or honey – to your liking, and leave to warm at room temperature for about half an hour. Afterward, bon appetit.

Oatmeal without cooking – an easy recipe for a lazy breakfast

“Overnight oatmeal” – a long time proven by housewives popular recipe. To prepare oatmeal should be poured into a deep bowl, or jar, or and pour liquid in a ratio of 1:1. Milk, vegetable milk, or plain water will do. A variety of toppings (honey, whole or pureed fruits and berries, jam, cinnamon and vanilla, sugar – whatever your heart desires) can be added at this stage or before consumption. Leave the oatmeal to soak (for 3 hours, preferably overnight) in a cold place, after this time you can taste it.

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