Lose Weight Efficiently: Get Rid Of Kilos With These 10 Sports

Losing weight and sports often go hand in hand. But which sports make the most kilos disappear? With our fat-burning guide, you’ll learn which sports are best for losing weight.

Many people exercise in order to be able to eat more without gaining weight – or to lose weight in a targeted way.

Of course, you want to see success as quickly as possible. Therefore, it is worthwhile to see which sporting disciplines have the greatest fat-burning effect.

However, it is also important to know that it will be difficult for you to achieve (greater) weight loss through exercise alone. Many overestimate their calorie consumption and then reward themselves with extra food.

True to the motto “Abs are made in the kitchen”, you also have to adjust your diet. This is and remains the biggest lever to fight the battle against unloved kilos.

So in addition to training, make sure you eat a balanced diet with a healthy mix of complex carbohydrates, healthy fats, and valuable proteins.

Lose weight with 10 sports

We’ll introduce you to ten sports with fat-burning potential and tell you which parts of your body you can use to tone up. So all you have to do is choose your favorite and get started right away!

It’s best to take at least three days a week – just 30 minutes is enough to fight fat permanently.

Tip: Strength training is of course the all-rounder among the sports that you can and should do in addition to losing or maintaining weight sustainably. Because with more muscles you simply consume more energy – even at rest!

  • Jogging is the most suitable

No sport provides more endurance and burns as many calories as jogging. Our test person burned 547 calories per hour.

When you run, you mainly use leg and hip muscles, so it’s a good idea to include a workout for your core muscles. With strengthened muscles, you will achieve a healthier running style and a higher basal metabolic rate.

Newcomers should start cautiously; with every step, about three times your own body weight acts on your foot and knee joints.

Book tip: Running training for beginners

Training: In addition to endurance, the muscles in the legs and buttocks are especially challenged.

  • Walking as an alternative

An alternative to jogging that is easy on the joints is walking or Nordic walking with appropriate walking poles. According to our test, 446 calories can be burned per hour. Provided that the stick technique is correct.

Nordic Walking is not only a class compensation sport for runners and bikers but also optimal for beginners who still want to build up their condition.

Trains: Legs, buttocks, shoulders.

  • Swimming makes kilos fall

Swimming is the ideal weight-loss sport for those who want or need to protect their joints: Our test person burned 436 calories per hour while swimming.

Swimming is not only an optimal endurance workout, but it also strengthens all muscles. The different swimming styles can be varied according to type and are an excellent coordination workout.

Trains: Legs, buttocks, abdomen, shoulders, arms.

  • Cycling for weight loss

Cycling is the perfect endurance workout for nature lovers. The calorie consumption is about 412 calories per hour.

It is also advisable to rely on additional strength training for the abdomen and back muscles, as it is mainly the leg muscles that are used and the unaccustomed sitting posture can quickly lead to back and neck pain in newcomers.

To prevent this somewhat, the correct seat height adjustment helps. The leg should be almost extended when the pedal is at the bottom dead center. Biking does take a little more time to melt the fat. But it is very varied because you get further and therefore see more.

Trains: the lower body.

  • Spinning

For those who want to pedal regardless of the weather, there are smart indoor bike solutions, such as those from “Peloton” or “Schwinn”.

Indoor cycling has been experiencing a huge hype for a few years now! Meanwhile, there are a variety of courses under different names and with different focuses: Spinning, Indoor Cycling or Spin Racing, for example.

Such indoor cycling courses to motivating beats and with additional units with shadow boxing or dumbbells resemble an intensive HIIT workout. You train your body from head to toe!

Of course, how much energy you use during spinning depends on your fitness level, your body weight, and also the duration of the load. But as a guide, a 75-kilogram person who is averagely trained will burn about 600 kcal in 60 minutes – which is similar to the amount burned during brisk running!

Trained: Legs, buttocks, also abdomen, arms, and shoulders (depending on the course).

  • Train without equipment: Crossfit

According to researchers at ‘Kennesaw State University’, a Crossfit session burns up to 13 calories per minute – and that’s without any additional weights. If you do this regularly, you’re not only burning calories fast. You’re also building muscle, which increases your basal metabolic rate.

Pull-ups, push-ups, and squats are popular Crossfit exercises that are particularly effective.

Trains: Muscles of the whole body as well as strength, endurance, agility, and coordination.

  • High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

HIIT stands for short, high-intensity periods of exertion alternating with short recovery periods. With this type of training, you force your body to burn calories for a long time, even after your workout is over.

The reason for this is the afterburn effect: the greater the difference between your metabolism at rest and during training, the longer your body needs to shut down again, and the more calories it burns on the way back to normal.

You can easily burn 700 to 800 calories per hour! Accordingly, even a short, intense workout is very worthwhile.

Our tips: HIIT is complementary to jogging so that the fat is guaranteed to be blown.

Trains: Legs, butt, abdomen, back, shoulders, arms (depending on the course).

  • Box yourself slim

During a training session in a boxing class, you can get rid of up to 800 calories (guideline for a person weighing 70 kilograms).

In classic boxing, but also in Thai or kickboxing, you have to use a lot of strength and train your speed and your condition like in hardly any other workout.

Even away from the ring, you fight not only against an imaginary opponent but also very successfully against excess fat.

Trains: shoulders, arms, abdomen, back, legs, buttocks.

  • Tae Bo? What it is and what it can do

Tae Bo is a full-body workout that is a combination of kickboxing and dancing. In a Tae Bo class, punches and kicks are performed dynamically under the guidance of an instructor (not as self-defense).

Tae Bo aims to strengthen all muscle groups through cardio training. A 60-minute workout burns over 500 kilocalories per hour, depending on age and weight.

Works out: shoulders, arms, abdomen, back, legs, buttocks,

  • Step aerobics

Step aerobics is only for moms or girlies? No way! The workout with the stepper is a very effective way to burn calories (up to 700 kcal per hour) – and not at all without.

The combinations of different steps and building techniques challenge the mind and train the entire leg and gluteal muscles as well as the core. Plus your fitness!

Find a class that fits your level. Even if you exercise a lot otherwise, the step sequences can quickly overwhelm you.

Works out: Legs, butt, abs, back.

5 facts: Lose weight with sports

  1. Any kind of cardio training stimulates fat burning and strengthens health. It trains the cardiovascular system and fitness, and also the muscles in a variety of ways. To lose weight sustainably, however, you should not rely solely on your endurance.
  2. Strength training is also an important building block for losing weight. More muscle mass increases your basal metabolic rate and ensures that you even burn calories when you are at rest.
  3. If you already have training experience and want to burn even fatter, you can focus on interval training for muscle training. This has the greatest afterburn effect.
  4. How much energy you personally consume depends on the intensity and duration of the workout, your age, gender, and weight. Our calorie calculator provides you with exact data.
  5. Finally, the most important thing: You need to burn more calories than you take in – a negative energy balance is the key to successful weight loss. Here you can calculate your basal metabolic rate, the number of calories your body uses every day without extra exercise.

7 tips on how to lose weight can work

  1. Take the time several times a week for sports
  2. Find a sport that you enjoy so that you stick to it
  3. Practice endurance sports
  4. Combine them with weight training to increase your basal metabolic rate
  5. Watch your diet – losing weight is all about the calorie deficit
  6. Watch your health – don’t go on quick diets, but make sustainable changes in your daily life
  7. Integrate exercise into your daily routine.
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