Lose Weight With The Minus 1 Diet – Can It Work?

With the Minus 1 diet, you do without a different specific food for eight weeks at a time. This is not only to achieve your own feel-good weight, but also a better feeling for your own body.

Without counting calories and strict eating rules, the Minus 1 diet is supposed to make our pounds fall off.

For this the founders of the Diät, which among other things already by the life counselor “the 7 secrets of the turtle” admit attained, set again on their old-tried practice: Mindfulness.

Their holistic Diätkonzept is thereby not only simple but is already showing effects after eight weeks.

Learning conscious eating behavior thanks to the Minus 1 diet

The special feature of her second book “Minus-1-Diät” is that basically everything may be eaten. There is no radical renouncement.

Every week alternatingly only one luxury food is omitted, which stands the suspicion of causing predominance or other health impairments.

These foods include sugar, white flour products, dairy products, all forms of fast food, coffee, meat, alcohol, nicotine, and products with artificial additives.

By depriving the body of one of these foods at a time over a period of one week, one notices what is basically good or bad for us on the basis of the physical reactions to it.

The perceived changes are then recorded in a diary provided. How do I feel? How much have I lost?

After eight weeks, you should then automatically eat more consciously, because you have once consciously experienced how good the renunciation of some foods, which are considered unhealthy in excess.

The soul makes you fat

The approach of the Minus 1 diet is that, in addition to bad habits, it is often emotional needs that tempt us to certain eating patterns.

The founders of the Dit Ronald P. Schweppe and Aljoscha Long speak in this connection also of emotional Essmuster, which provides for the fact that one increases in weight.

Stress, frustration, or loneliness are only some of the emotions, which can provide for the fact that we seize increased meals.

Many overweight people eat not only to comfort and calm themselves but also to distract or reward themselves.

The food industry has long since recognized this as an opportunity for itself. Advertising suggests treating oneself to something, indulging oneself, and simply doing something “good” with this or that little sin.

Above all to make itself free from these psychological manipulations, is therefore the main concern of the Diät.

Accordingly, the authors’ statement also reads: “Anyone who looks closely will quickly realize that our actual task is not to regulate our weight. Ultimately, it’s about becoming more mindful of ourselves again and finding out what we actually really crave.”

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