Metabolic Diet: Slim Thanks To Individual Nutrition Plan

The Metabolic Balance metabolic diet is an insider tip for models. After an individual analysis, fatteners are banned from the menu.

What is behind the Metabolic Method?

“Metabolic” means “concerning the metabolism” – The basis of most metabolic diets such as Metabolic Balance is a personal nutrition plan based on a check-up (e.g. blood values, questionnaires, examinations). At the beginning of many metabolic diets, there are usually relief or fasting days. This is followed by a plan with precise food specifications. What ends up on the plate is different for each person. In the following weeks, there are fixed dietary rules and food quantity guidelines, but no strict plan. During the whole time of the metabolic diet usually a liable to pay the costs advisor stands for the Diätwilligen to the side.

Known providers of a metabolism diet?

The best-known providers of metabolic diets are Metabolic Balance, Metabolic Typing, Max Planck Diet, and the Blood Type Diet.

A metabolism diet day in the short version

  • Breakfast: 200 g natural yogurt with apple and cinnamon.
  • Lunch: 125 g of poultry with 130 g of vegetables from the personal plan steamed in broth and seasoned.
  • Dinner: 135 g fish with 140 g vegetables also cooked without fat. Daily 1 apple.
  • Drinks: water and the drinks indicated on the personal plan.

After the initial weight reduction phase, the plan is expanded to include various foods.

What do experts say about Metabolic Balance & Co?

An individual approach to a change in diet is basically very good. However, it is not enough to focus solely on blood values, body measurements, previous illnesses, or other purely physical parameters. The causes of ravenous appetite or wrong eating behavior would also have to be clarified. Prof. Susanne Klaus, metabolism expert at the German Institute of Human Nutrition Potsdam-Rehbrücke: “Apart from studies commissioned by providers, there is no sound scientific evidence on the effects of metabolic diets. A general problem with given nourishing plans is that hardly a learning effect occurs and so the removing quasi externally steered and not self-responsibly takes place. This increases the risk that after completion of the respective Abnehmprogramm, the lost weight is very fast again drauf.” Also, the metabolic diet does not protect against a Jojo effect.

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