Mildew and Odor Free: How to Clean a Bath Mat Quickly

Rugs for the bathroom can be rubberized or microfiber – these are the most popular options, although there are many others.

How to properly clean a rug – general points

Almost every home or apartment in the bathroom has a rug – this handy interior element allows you not to become wet feet on the cold floor. Despite the convenience in use, the mat collects a lot of dust and moisture, so it needs to be cleaned constantly. In general, on any such product, there is a tag from the manufacturer, where that indicates how you should take care of the mat. But the general recommendations for cleaning a household item depend mainly on its material.

How to clean a rubberized mat – instructions

If you have a mat in the bathroom, made of rubber, then it also requires regular cleaning, otherwise, pathogenic bacteria and fungi will form on the product. The method of cleaning a rubber mat is simple:

  • Pour warm water into a bathtub;
  • Add 1-2 cups of detergent with chlorine;
  • immerse the mat in water and, wearing gloves, clean both sides of the product.

In the end, rinse the mat thoroughly with warm water and leave it to dry naturally. Note that the product should not be placed on radiators or exposed to direct sunlight.

In general, rubber mats cannot be washed in a machine, but if you really want to, you can. The main thing is to turn off the spinning and drying and choose a delicate washing mode. Do not forget to put a few old towels or rags in the drum of the machine – they will act as sponges, washing away the dirt from the mat.

How to wash a PVC or microfiber bath mat

Products made of PVC or microfiber are very popular – they quickly absorb moisture and are considered very pleasant to the touch. Washing them is not difficult, all you need to do is:

  • immerse the mat in the drum of the machine;
  • set the temperature to a maximum of 60°C;
  • Pour detergent or shampoo instead of powder;
  • Start the wash.

Note that such mats should not be washed with other things, as well as include an automatic spin in the machine. The fact is that the product of PVC or microfiber absorbs moisture very well, and in the wet state can weigh a lot. The machine will be difficult to squeeze out the excess liquid – the device risks breaking. Therefore, it is better to wring out the mat yourself after washing it.

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