Never Do That: What Happens if You Squeeze a Tea Bag

The tea bag is definitely a great invention. A tea bag is convenient to take on the road, on a picnic, or just to brew at home.

How to use a tea bag correctly – tips

Many people literally dip a tea bag in boiling water back and forth. However, this action will not do any good. It is better if you just leave the tea bag to infuse for about three minutes. The tea leaf will swell, open up, and give off all of its flavor and aroma.

After the tea has been infused, take out the bag and put it on a saucer or a special stand, if you’re an aesthete or in a restaurant. At home, it’s enough just to throw it away. In fact, that’s the answer to another important question, whether or not you need to take the tea bag out. Yes, definitely. Long infusions will not improve the flavor of the tea.

IMPORTANT: on average, tea bags brew for about three minutes. However, it’s better to read how long to infuse tea bags, because different kinds and varieties of tea require different infusion times.

Therefore, it is better to choose larger sachets or pyramids, in which the tea leaves expand and infuse better. Tea bags made of nylon or silk are also a good idea. Believe me, the taste of tea in these bags will be much better than in paper bags.

Can I squeeze the tea bag – a secret?

You can, but you don’t have to. The thing is that brewing tea produces a lot of tannins. They get into your drink anyway, but when you squeeze it, you squeeze a real concentrate of this not the most useful organic substance into your mug.

Also, when you squeeze it, there will be too many tannins in the water, which will make the drink bitter – that’s why you should not squeeze a tea bag in a cup with a drink.

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Written by Emma Miller

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