New Year’s Table: A Checklist Not To Forget Anything

What you need to do to set the holiday table – a list for those who don’t like to make lists.

It’s easier to set the table for the holiday if you have a plan. You look at the list – yep, this one’s ready, and this one’s to make, and this one to buy.

For the checklist, we took dishes that are usually cooked for the New Year. And we made a list of what to buy and prepare for them.

Olivier salad for New Year’s Eve

The most traditional dish for the New Year, and we have a great recipe on how to make Olivier salad.

For it you need:

  • buy sausage or chicken – earlier we wrote about how to choose a good sausage;
  • buy and boil vegetables and eggs – here it is important to remember how to determine the freshness of the eggs;
  • buy or make homemade mayonnaise – the salad will taste better with homemade sauce.

If suddenly the salad “Olivier” in the traditional version is boring for you, you can put redfish or canned tuna instead of sausage. And we also know how to cook Olivier without meat, sausage, and cucumbers.

Herring under a fur coat for the New Year

Another very popular salad that is sure to appear on the holiday table is herring under the “coat” or, as we often call it, “Shuba”.

The classic recipe for a fur coat is familiar to everyone. For her you need:

  • buy herring or you can pickle it yourself – we have a super marinade for herring in 24 hours;
  • buy eggs and mayonnaise or make homemade mayonnaise;
  • buy and boil vegetables – earlier we told you how to boil beets quickly.

There are a few more secrets on how to improve the taste of herring under a fur coat, and if you are on a diet or want to lighten the salad a little – here is a healthy vegetarian herring under a fur coat without mayonnaise.

New Year’s Eve salad instead of herring under a fur coat

If New Year’s Eve without Olivier is not New Year’s Eve, then with herring under the “fur coat” the matter is easier: you can put on the table another salad with herring for the New Year with potatoes and salted cucumbers.

Or even replace the “Shuba” – for example, prepare a salad Pomegranate Bracelet, a popular salad Squirrel or other salads for the New Year 2023. And also the master of the year will be delighted if you prepare a salad Rabbit.

New Year appetizers

A separate item of the holiday table – New Year’s appetizers. The most popular are sandwiches with redfish or canapés with caviar.

For them you need:

  • buy or salt fish – we have already told you how to salt redfish at home to get better than in the store;
  • To buy caviar – we also tell you how to choose red caviar;
  • Buy cream cheese (if you wish).

You can also buy different kinds of cheese for the cheese plate, and if you bought it in advance, we remind you how to store cheese.

Chłodecz for the New Year

For the New Year often prepare a chłodeche. For it you need:

  • buy meat and chicken, or try to make tender turkey holodecks for the New Year;
  • Buy mustard and horseradish – by the way, we have the easiest recipe for horseradish for the winter;
  • buy gelatin (in case the jelly won’t set).

We also tell you what to do if the jelly won’t set – can it be overcooked and what to do if there is a lot of water in the jelly.

Napoleon Cake for New Year’s Eve

It’s hard to say why this dessert has caught on the New Year’s table, but it is the Napoleon cake that is made for the holiday.

For it you need:

  • buy or prepare puff pastry;
  • Prepare custard – catch the universal recipe for custard for Napoleon and other pastries.

If suddenly there is a catastrophic lack of time or no light, you can make a lazy Napoleon. Or, as an option, bake a carrot cake for New Year’s Eve instead of Napoleon.

Tangerines for the New Year

Everything is clear with tangerines – they need to be washed and beautifully laid out on a dish. And if you bought them in advance, here are tips on how to store tangerines properly.

Champagne for New Year

Champagne is another obligatory attribute of the New Year. We’ll tell you how to choose and open champagne for the New Year.

If instead of champagne you prefer other hot drinks, it is not unreasonable to remind you what to snack on whiskey and other alcohol.

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Written by Emma Miller

I am a registered dietitian nutritionist and own a private nutrition practice, where I provide one-on-one nutritional counseling to patients. I specialize in chronic disease prevention/ management, vegan/ vegetarian nutrition, pre-natal/ postpartum nutrition, wellness coaching, medical nutrition therapy, and weight management.

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