New York Diet: How Effective Is The Star Diet From NYC?

With Hollywood’s star trainer David Kirsch to the dream body. His power program guarantees the best shape. Click here for the revolutionary New York Diet.

David Kirsch, personal trainer and founder of the Madison Square Club and author of the book “New York Diet” promises with his diet program a weight reduction of up to 7 kilos in the first two weeks – provided that you consistently stick to his strict diet and exercise plan.

Discipline and ambition

The concept of his New York Diet is a 3-phase program based on the principles of the low-carb diet, a low-carbohydrate diet. The combination of a high-protein diet with an excessive exercise program is designed to boost fat metabolism so that excess pounds melt away in just two weeks. The three phases are limited to eight weeks, although the last phase can be extended to the entire lifetime. There are three main meals and two snacks between 7 am and 7 pm. Carbohydrate-rich foods may only be eaten until 2 p.m. on the New York Diet. There are no late meals, otherwise, fat metabolism slows down for the night.

Phase 1 marks the beginning of the hardest part of the New York Diet. It causes radical weight loss. Allowed are vegetables, salad, fish, and white meat. Nuts serve as a small snack. Water and unsweetened teas are allowed. This phase is to be kept up for two weeks.

In phase 2, which also lasts two weeks, a small number of carbohydrates and fats may be included in the diet. Preference should be given to beans, quinoa, lentils, and sweet potatoes, but apples and soft fruits are also allowed.

During phase 3, which can be maintained indefinitely, two of the products eliminated in phase one may be reintroduced into the diet daily. However, they should still be enjoyed with caution.

In addition to the New York Diet, Kirsch recommends protein powders, supplements, and exercise equipment, which he sells through his website.

No change without exercise

Exercise is not limited to a few light workouts and stretching exercises on the New York Diet. Twice a day, the program includes a hard and persistent workout with cardio and muscle building. The duration is between 45 and 90 minutes. In our picture gallery, you will find an excerpt from the exercise program.


  • Fast weight loss in a short time.
  • The sports program is an integral part of the diet.
  • The body is super toned after a little time.


  • Food selection is severely limited.
  • Too few fruits and vegetables
  • Eating out is very difficult
  • Phase one should only be done by healthy people, especially kidney patients and gout patients should avoid it.
  • Fiber deficit is very likely
  • A sustainable and balanced diet is not taught.
  • Too little regeneration time between sports units.
  • High risk of injury for the untrained.
  • Dietary supplementation with shakes of various kinds, as called for by Kirsch, is controversial.


In the long run, the New York Diet does not contribute to a healthy lifestyle. The low-calorie intake per day in combination with the tight training program allows the pounds to fall quickly, but whether you can then maintain your dream weight is questionable. There is the threat of a yo-yo effect. The reduced number of carbohydrates and the long list of prohibitions is difficult to implement in the long run. The list of negative side effects outweighs the benefits of the New York Diet.

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