No Slips and Falls: What to Sprinkle on Tiles and Steps in the Ice

The onset of winter is accompanied by precipitation – snow or rain. As the temperature drops, it all freezes and turns into ice that covers walkways, thresholds, and steps.

What to sprinkle on the asphalt or steps in the ice – options

And the tenants of private houses, and those who dwell in apartment buildings, are forced to deal with their own crust of ice on those surfaces, where a footstep man. This is especially true now when municipal services do not have time to monitor the state of the roads in residential areas of cities.

There are several options to treat sidewalk tiles from ice.


This is the most popular remedy when there is a question of how to quickly get rid of ice in the yard or on the street paths. You just need to take a certain amount of sand and sprinkle it thickly over the icy areas. The disadvantages of this method have only two – first, you will bring home all the sand on your shoes, and second, it is often blown away by the wind.


Small children sometimes ask what will happen if you sprinkle salt on the ice – parents answer that the ice is destroyed by the salt. So it is, but along with the ice is destroyed and the asphalt and concrete are. Of course, if there is no other way out, you can buy a packet of salt and sprinkle ice on the threshold or steps, but even if you do not repair them in the spring, the salt traces will remain on your shoes, which then have to resuscitate.


Owners of fireplaces or stoves can use ash as a remedy for ice. Alternatively, stone chips are 2-6 mm in size (it breaks the ice better and stays on the surface much stronger than sand or salt). People who buy such a means of protection against ice, know that it is not cheap – but, alas, is considered one of the best. In Europe, for example, this practice has been used for a long time.

Also, some people use boiling water and pour it on frozen ice. This method has a nuance – it will “work” only in the thaw.

What do you water the ice with, if you need to melt it – this a unique tip hack

Experienced fighters with ice say that you can prepare a simple remedy at home, which will help get rid of ice on the steps and paths. For this you need:

  • warm water – 2 liters;
  • liquid detergent – 1 tsp;
  • Alcohol – 60 gr.

Mix all the ingredients, pour into a plastic bottle, and pour directly from it on the ice. As practice shows, the ice will melt very quickly, and you do not have to break it with a crowbar or shovel.

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