No Streaks, No Dust: A Tip for Cleaning Dirty Windows From the Street

Several times a year, you need to thoroughly clean your windows, ridding them of dirt and dust. It is easier to clean the inside of the glass, but it is important not to forget the outside so that the “door” to social life looks attractive.

How to wash windows from the outside of the balcony, if you live high up

The desire to shine the glass of window frames – is a laudable aspiration, but no one has canceled the safety technique. The main recommendations are very useful for hostesses who want to fight the dust on the windows:

  • wooden windows on the balcony can be disassembled and washed in the room, and then put the construction back;
  • buy a telescopic mop – it is much more effective and longer than a normal mop, in addition, washes windows from the outside more thoroughly;
  • a magnetic broom is a device with two sponges, one attached to the outside of the window and the other to the inside, so it can quickly and conveniently clean windows.

These three simple tips will help you safely clean the window glass from the outside, preserving your health and achieving the desired result. In extreme cases, you can always contact a cleaning company – there the specialists know exactly how to help you get rid of such dirt.

What to clean windows to make them shiny outside – folk remedies

If you still decided to do the cleaning yourself and do not know how to remove the dirt so that it does not return for a long time – we offer a few proven options:

  • Add a little dishwashing detergent to clean the water;
  • Dissolve two tablespoons of vinegar or ammonia in water;
  • mix alcohol and vinegar in equal proportions and 100 grams of corn starch – rub the glass with the porridge.

You can also use a proven store cleaner for glass – they are consistently good at getting rid of dirt.

How to wash windows from the outside – detailed instructions

Choose a window cleaning tool and decide on the medium – it is 50% of success, but it is also important to follow the sequence of steps:

  • thoroughly wash the inside of the windows before washing the outside;
  • Use two containers – one with detergent and the other with clean water;
  • clean the sashes on the outside and inside;
  • scrub the dirt from the far corner toward you.

Remember that after each step of removing the dirt from the window, you need to wipe it with a clean sponge or rag, wiping off dust. In the end, wipe the glass with a dry rag so that no streaks or pieces of lint are left.

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