Real Warm Underwear: How to Choose, What to Look For

Thermal underwear is necessary if you spend a lot of time outside in the cold season or just very cold. This type of clothing will ensure normal thermoregulation and keep you from sweating excessively and freezing.

How to Choose the Right Thermal Underwear – Types of thermal underwear

Let’s start with the fact that thermal underwear (TB) is an additional layer of clothing that ensures you:

  • Keeping you warm and at a normal temperature, keeping your body cool and cold;
    sweat control;
  • comfortable to wear regardless of your lifestyle;
  • Close-fitting to the body, no stiffness constraints.

Any underwear, which you can buy in Ukraine, is divided into three types – winter, sports, and demi-seasonal. Further TB is divided into four types based on weight:

  • Microweight – ideal for fall and spring, can be worn while cycling.
  • Lightweight – for early spring and late fall (when the frost has not yet hit).
  • Midweight – suitable for skiing and snowboarding or for everyday wear when it’s “minus” outside.
  • Heavyweight – underwear for extremely low temperatures (above -25°C).

That is, the principle of choosing thermal underwear is as follows – the warmer it is outdoors and the higher your activity is, the lighter must be TB. If you want to buy the best thermal underwear for everyday winter wear, then choose heavy models.

How to choose thermal underwear for everyday winter wear – important parameters

Before ordering from an online store or buying a regular one or another set of thermal underwear, consider the following indicators:

  • Cut – for the cold season, the ideal option will be pants and a long-sleeve sweatshirt, but for the warm spring and fall, you can buy a thermal T-shirt and thermal shorts.
  • Comfort – a good set of thermal underwear does not constrain movements, fits closely to the body, and covers all vulnerable areas.
  • Seams – they either should not be there at all or they should be flat, so you do not feel them on the body while wearing body shorts.
  • Inserts – extra pieces of fabric can be placed on the areas of the body that sweat the most. If there are such inserts, then the underwear set is quality.
  • Size – the underwear should “sit” on you as if it fits, it should not gather in folds and not constrict the body. Moreover, if you buy it for the warmer months, then let it be a little loose – so the air circulation will go faster.

Answering the question concerning the warmest composition of thermal underwear, it is necessary to mention that the best models are represented by sets of wool and cotton. Such underwear is pleasant for the skin, does not cause allergies, and perfectly retains heat, even if you do not move much.

Winter thermal underwear, most often, is made of synthetics. Sometimes it is a hybrid – with an addition of cotton or wool. These sets perfectly withdraw moisture, but keep the right body temperature.

How to choose thermal underwear for women, men, and children

TB for women can be laconic and ascetic, and sometimes models are supplemented with inserts of satin or lace. Thanks to the original manufacturer’s decision a set of thermal underwear will not be noticeable under any other clothing. Men’s thermal underwear, as a rule, looks modest, because its main task – is to be comfortable and warm. Underwear for children is better to choose from synthetic materials – they prevent profuse sweating during active games. If the child is sedentary, then parents are advised to stop at the combination materials – synthetic with cotton or wool.

Buying thermal underwear, you must realize that even the most expensive and high-quality kit – it’s not a magic wand. For thermal underwear to “work,” follow the rules of layering – wear products made of “breathable” materials over underwear. Plus – be guided by your lifestyle and temperature requirements, otherwise, the purchased set will disappoint rather than delight you.

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