Say Goodbye to Blisters: Tips on How to Stretch Your Shoes

A situation that every person has faced at least once in their life is when the shoes “fit” perfectly in the store, but when you wear them they start to chafe. If you order shoes online, and there is no way to try them on, it is likely that you will also encounter such a problem.

How to stretch suede or leather shoes

Suede and leather are elastic materials that are easily affected by heat. That’s why they can easily be stretched at home. There are several options:

  • put the shoes in a bathtub or sink, scald them with boiling water, drain the liquid immediately, put them on your feet over socks, and wear them out at home;
  • pour boiling water into the shoes, but first, put a bag in each shoe;
  • fill two bags with water by 1 / 4, tie and put in the shoes, put them in the freezer, and when they freeze – take them out and take out the bags;
  • moisten the inside of the boots with alcohol or vodka, put the boots on, and wear them for several hours.

These same methods are also suitable for winter shoes that are lined with fur, but in this case, you will need to dry the pair carefully so as not to provoke the appearance of mold or fungus.

How to stretch a shoe length of leatherette – tips

Leatherette is not a very good material, as it does not stretch well and cracks quickly. If you start deforming it, it can even lose its shape. Shoes made of leatherette should be pulled very carefully:

  • lubricate the inside of the shoes with greasy cream or vaseline, wait 2-3 hours, then put the shoes on and wear them out for 20-40 minutes;
  • Stuff shoes tightly with wet newspapers and leave them to dry at room temperature;
  • Put in shoe packages, inside pour any kind of cereal, and pour water on top – shoes will stretch for 8-10 hours.

Under no circumstances should you speed up the process of drying boots with a hair dryer or by putting them on the radiator, because the excessive heat can deform a pair or damage the material.

How to stretch shoes wide if they are lacquered

Lacquer coating is very susceptible to cracking – the top coating can not only become deformed but also be covered with chips, as well as lose its luster. Lacquered shoes can be safely stretched if there is a lining of natural or synthetic leather inside them.

The first option – mix alcohol and water in a ratio of 2:1, the resulting solution to moisten the socks. Put them on your feet, and on top – shoes that you have a shame. Walk in it for an hour or two until the socks are completely dry.

The second option – to treat the inner surface of the shoes with cream or vaseline, paying particular attention to the toe and heel. Then it is desirable to put pads in the shoes, or if they are not available, put on heavy socks and wear a pair for 1-2 hours.

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