Tender and Dense Protein Cream: Analysis of the Main Mistakes and the Right Recipe

Many of us remember squirrel cream from our youth – it was used by confectioners as a filling for straws or baskets. It can also be made as a cake decoration, the main thing is to follow the rules.

How to properly whip egg whites for cream – top 5 basic nuances

Protein cream can be of two kinds:

  • classic (from meringue);
  • with cream or butter.

Cream made only of meringue is ideal for decoration, but one made of cream or butter is better used to bind the cakes or level the cake.

There are several mistakes that hostesses make while making protein cream. Remember them carefully so you don’t repeat them and ruin your cake:

  • fresh homemade eggs – it is better to let them rest for 5 days, otherwise, the whites will not whip, and the cream will remain liquid;
  • The egg whites will not whip properly, so use room-temperature eggs only;
  • egg yolk and egg white – separate them carefully without mixing, if the yolk gets into the egg whites, they won’t beat properly;
  • Wet utensils – the container where you whip the egg whites must be dry or nothing will come out;
  • Whipping power – use only a mixer, gradually increasing the power and speed.

Also keep in mind that all the ingredients for the cream must be the same temperature, otherwise the result will disappoint you – the cream will not work.

How to make protein cream thick – culinary tricks

If after all the above tips the protein cream still remains liquid, you can try to remedy the situation – leave the cream for 30 minutes in the refrigerator, and then whip again. If the egg white cream is still liquid even after this operation, use it to make a soufflé, you shouldn’t throw it away.

  • A Simple Protein Custard – Perfect Recipe
  • Whites – 100 gr;
  • sugar – 240 gr
  • Butter – 250 gr.

In a water bath, combine the whites and sugar, and stir the mixture until the sugar completely dissolves. As soon as this happens, and the mass is hot enough, take the container off the stove and beat the mass with a mixer. Increase the speed from low to high gradually. Gradually add butter, one teaspoon at a time, without stopping to whisk. Do this until the mass becomes homogeneous, and then use it for the cake.

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