These Plants Repel Cockroaches: Put Them in Your Home, and the Insects Go Away

If you have cockroaches in your apartment, it is incredibly difficult to get them out. Cockroaches terrorize residents, even if they keep a perfect clean and use aggressive means.

It is possible to fight against these pests with the help of natural remedies – plants, the smell of which repels cockroaches. Plants alone will not repel the insects, but they are very effective when combined with other control methods.

Laurel leaf

Cockroaches do not tolerate the smell of bay leaf. Leaves of spice are recommended to place in places where cockroaches are frequent – under the sink, on tables, cabinets, and near kitchen bollards. To make the smell brighter, crush bay leaves in a mortar and spread this powder around the apartment.


Pyrethrum is a flower that resembles a daisy with long petals. It can be white or pink in color. Not only does the flower repel insects, but it also harms their nervous system. Bouquets of pyrethrum are placed around the apartment.


The smell of catnip disgusts cockroaches but is pleasant for humans. Scatter catnip leaves in places where insects frequent. For a stronger smell, catnip can be crushed in a mortar.


Another flower that is the deadly enemy of cockroaches is the tansy. It is a wildflower that is easy to find in the field. During the cold season, you can buy flowers of tansy at the drugstore. Against cockroaches, you can place the flowers themselves around the house, or treat surfaces with a decoction of tansy.


Elderberry branches and leaves are poison to cockroaches. Red elderberry is particularly effective. Put parts of the plant in places where pests often appear.

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