Tips on How to Use the Grater for Maximum Benefit Were Named

A kitchen grater is an indispensable thing for every housewife. However, their variety is staggering, and not everyone, even an experienced cook, knows what grates are.

There are a few tips on how to effectively use this device and what you can grate on a grater.

If you’ve ever wondered what each facet of the grater is for – the answer is for the convenience and speed of chopping various products, mainly vegetables.

Hex grater: what is each side for

Appointments of the sides of the grater, in fact, are very simple: the side with large holes is the most popular and on it most often grates all vegetables, it is also suitable for grating hard cheese, and eggs.

The side with small holes is needed if you want to grate vegetables very finely, for example for cooking food for a child or to grate ingredients for salted salads.

The side of the grater with large horizontal holes will help make vegetables flat and wavy, and their size will be the same.

There is also a side with two horizontal holes. If you didn’t know which side of the cabbage grater – the answer is this one. It serves as something like a shredder.

What is the prickly side of the grater for – it is designed to grate garlic, lemon zest, or ingredients for children’s dishes. Many people make the mistake of thinking it’s the fish side of the grater.

There are also graters that have square holes. This site is convenient to use as a grater for vegetables – with their help, any hostess can grate, for example, carrots for carrots in Korean, zucchini, and beets.

And also to answer the question of why the convex side of the grater – the working surface of the grater has a convex shape to minimize the contact area of the product. This allows you to reduce the physical effort when grating.

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