Torn Kapron Tights: 5 Options to Save the Situation

Capron tights – a beautiful closet element, which is present in the arsenal of every woman. However, sometimes tights sometimes form “arrows”, puffs, and holes – you have to quickly turn on your wits.

How to remove the arrow on the Capron tights – proven methods

Experienced fashionistas offer as many as five options, on how you can hide the arrows on tights. These tips will also help you if formed a drag on tights, and right now take them off and put on the other can not.


The ideal solution – inconspicuously sew up tights with thread. In this case, the thread should be synthetic or cotton, and the needle – as thin as possible. The sewing process itself in this case is very simple – stitch up the torn tights, not missing a single millimeter, moving from top to bottom. If you sew up the area on the toes or heel, then make several layers of stitches to fix the material as firmly as possible.


If you can find such a product in your purse, feel free to use it. Spray hairspray at a distance of 30 cm from the pantyhose directly on the hole or the puff. “Arrow” will immediately stop – the substances in the hairspray composition firmly anchor the fabric. By the way, such a tiphack will do, if you are wondering how to make the pantyhose not tear – before you put them on, sprinkle with hairspray – the material will be more resistant to damage.

Stationery glue

Sometimes it happens that the pantyhose tighten right at work or during an important business meeting. In such a situation, you can use ordinary glue – PVA or pencil.

Process the product in not only the damaged area but also the edges around it – remove the tights for this is not necessary, you can carry out such a procedure directly on the leg. Wait until the glue dries and then safely continue to do your business.

Nail polish

Of course, in the era of the popularity of gel polish, few women paint their nails with regular nail polish, but you can still buy it in cosmetics stores. If you notice a hole in the pantyhose, buy a clear varnish and liberally smear it on the “arrow”, paying particular attention to the place where the arrow ends. Such craftiness will help you to stop the process of destruction of kapron.


In order to save the pantyhose, will do ordinary soap – it is convenient if you do not have any of the above remedies at hand. Soap your finger and liberally smear soap on the hole, puff or “arrow” on the pantyhose, grabbing the edges around them. By the way, the same purpose will work with other cosmetic products – shower gel, shampoo, or dishwashing liquid.

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