Two Pairs of Socks and the Right Shoes: How to Insulate Feet in Winter

If your feet get cold, you start “apathy” right away. It’s good if it’s just that, but you can get seriously ill because of hypothermia of the feet. Therefore, in cold, frosty weather, you need to insulate your feet.

How to insulate feet – 3 smart hacks

  1. Choose the right shoes. Remember: winter shoes should not fit and fit tightly around the foot. Tight shoes will interfere with normal blood circulation, and your feet will instantly freeze. Between the foot and the shoes, there should be a thin layer of air, which, warmed by the body, will retain heat. Also choose shoes for winter with a warm lining – wool or fur, and the thickness of the sole should be at least 2 cm.
  2. Change insoles. Instead of the usually felt insoles put in shoes’ wool or fur – they retain heat better. Even better, if the insoles are with aluminum lining. But, as already mentioned, make sure that your shoes are not too tight.
  3. Wear warm socks and tights. Warm wool socks can help keep your feet warm. You can also wear two pairs of socks, but again, remember: there should be an air gap between your foot and your shoes. Also for cold weather, there are special thermal socks – they “work” on the principle of thermal underwear. In winter, you can not wear thin kapron tights and stockings. The density of tights should start from 100 genes, and they should be made of cotton and wool. Artificial materials like polyamide will not keep you warm in cold weather.

And one more thing: keep your feet dry – do not let them get wet or sweat heavily, otherwise, hypothermia will occur.

What to Do If Your Feet Are Cold

If your feet are cold, they need to be warmed up quickly to restore blood circulation.

  • If your feet are cold and you are outside, try not to stand still, but move around, trying to move your toes. If possible, drink hot tea to help your body warm up.
  • At home, rub the frozen feet and make a bath – first make sure the water is about 30 ° C, and then gradually add hotter.
  • Fill a hot water bottle or hot water bottle and put it under your feet.

Tip: To make the water in the bottle cool more slowly, add a handful of salt to it.

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Written by Emma Miller

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