Unobvious Secrets of Sauerkraut: How Not to Spoil the “Queen” of the Table

Sauerkraut is a great winter snack. It is suitable for any table, which is why it has long become a favorite of Ukrainians. It’s quite easy to make sauerkraut, but hostesses often make seemingly insignificant mistakes that ruin everything.

Whether it is necessary to crush cabbage heavily when sauerkraut-ting

Some housewives believe that it is enough to simply chop the cabbage and pour the brine, but this is not entirely true. The cabbage before putting it in a container should be salted and kneaded by hand, and then add the carrots to it.

The main thing here is not to overdo it. The fact is that if you knead the cabbage a lot, it will become too soft, and thus you will deprive yourself of the pleasure of crunching it.

How many days to sausage cabbage under pressure

Another important nuance is the duration of the sauerkraut. If you keep it too long, it will become unpalatable, sour, and too soft. If the process is interrupted too early, you will get a raw and tasteless product.

Usually, from the day of laying to serving, the cabbage needs five to seven days. It all depends on the volume of cabbage, the accuracy of seasoning technology, and storage conditions.

How many times a day to pierce sauerkraut

Do not forget that in order to evenly sour the cabbage must be pierced. This should be done extremely carefully because accidentally you can stop the fermentation process. To avoid trouble and get a tasty cabbage in the end, pierce the bookmark, not reaching 1/10 to the bottom.

If the cabbage is up to 5 kilograms, you can prick it once a day. If you decide to pickle more, you have to prick twice a day.

What to cover the sauerkraut with

Another important nuance when sauerkraut – is what to cover it with. Here it’s simple. Cover the cabbage for leavening can be sterilized gauze. In addition, clean cabbage leaves, on top of which a clean plate should be placed, are excellent for this purpose. The weight is placed last on the plate, for this you can use a jar of water or a clean stone.

Is it possible to cover sauerkraut?

Many housewives like to stockpile sauerkraut for the winter, but the question arises, “How to store it?” Sauerkraut can be closed in jars, as well as other vegetables. The product is well-tolerated sterilization.

It is no secret that preparations are well kept in jars with metal lids and sauerkraut is no exception. If you stick to the technology, the cabbage will remain tasty and crispy even after long storage.

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