Useful Memo in the Cold: How to Dress Warmly, Protect your Skin and Keep Your Home Warm

How to dress warmly in the cold

Previously, we told you how to dress warmly in the cold outside. To do this, you need to follow the rules of layering in clothing:

  • first put on thermal underwear, preferably not made of natural fabric, but high-quality synthetic;
  • then put on a warm sweater and pants;
  • the last layer – a jacket, hat, and gloves.

Underwear and socks in winter are better to choose from synthetic fabrics, as they do not sweat the body. The hat is also better to choose a synthetic as it keeps heat better. But you can choose a sweater made of wool. The shoes should not have a rubber sole, otherwise, your feet will be very cold. In the shoes, you can put two insoles.

How to protect your skin in the cold

The question of how to care for the skin in the cold is most concerned about the owners of dry and sensitive skin. Cosmetologists recommend washing your face in winter with a special moisturizing face cream. Before going out in the street, you should apply balm to the lips and lubricate the skin under the eyes with a special cream – these areas are most vulnerable to frost. In winter, you should abandon the use of scrubs, which in themselves dry out the skin.

How you can and cannot heat your apartment in the cold

What to do if the house is cold – the main question of winter. To get warm without heating, do some exercise, drink hot tea, and open the curtains. You can warm the bed with a heating pad, and cover yourself with a warm blanket. Earlier we explained how to choose a warm winter blanket.

We also recommend reading our articles on how to insulate plastic and wooden windows. To do this, you can use thermal tape for insulating windows, which you can buy in hardware and construction stores.

In addition to insulating windows, you can also use tricks on how to improve the heating of the battery – to do this, the battery must be cleaned of dust and insulated on the wall behind it. To insulate the apartment, you can make a simple candle heater with your own hands.

But it is not worth warming with a gas stove in winter – it is very dangerous. Also, a bad idea is a surzhyk in the apartment. We also told you what you can not do in a cold to get warm – you can not drink alcohol, rub your skin with snow, and take a hot shower right after the street.

How to open and warm your car in freezing weather

In frosty weather, the car door often jams. We have already written about how to open the door in the car in winter. To do this, you can gently remove ice from the seals, or warm the door with an industrial hair dryer or a lighter. If such a problem occurs frequently, it is best to buy the so-called “liquid key” in an auto store.

With the onset of cold weather, every car owner should know how to warm up the engine before starting it in freezing temperatures. To warm up the engine faster, you can turn on the heating and lights in the car, as well as several times “flash” the high beam headlights.

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