Using Egg Trays: Why You Make the Big Mistake of Throwing Away an Egg Tray

Ordinary egg cartons, which most people just throw away in the trash, can actually be used for more than just their direct purpose. Many people don’t even know what they can make out of egg cartons, although there are really many options.

How to use egg cartons in the garden and at the cottage

Egg trays are made of cardboard because they do not pollute the environment and decompose relatively quickly. Many people think that such packaging can be recycled. However, when asking whether you should recycle egg cartons, you should know that trays are made from recycled paper, so they cannot be recycled.

Cardboard trays retain moisture and can improve soil structure. Using egg trays does not require additional costs, because you do not need to buy them separately, they come “bundled” with the eggs.

If you don’t know what to make from egg trays and how to use them, try starting with compost. Cut up cardboard trays and mix them with leftover vegetables, fruit, grass, eggshells, and other waste for composting. This fertilizer will help improve the quality of the soil, making the soil looser and more fertile.

In addition to putting egg cartons in the compost, the trays can be used to grow seedlings. The cardboard will hold moisture, and you won’t have to take the seedlings out of the tray when planting them in the beds. Just cut off the pot and place it in the ground, it will be an extra fertilizer. Also, trays can be used for marking – press the prepared soil with them and you will get hollows at the same distance, in them, you can put seeds.

You can also make paths out of egg trays, but this will require a lot of cartons. Just lay the trays between the beds, so it will be more convenient to walk around the garden and not collect dirt on your shoes.

What you can make from paper egg trays in the apartment

If you do not have a dacha and a vegetable garden, do not be upset. There are a lot of smart hacks for using trays in the apartment. You can make a simple bird feeder and hang it on the balcony. Simply place a piece of string around the edge of the cardboard tray and fill the holes with seeds or cereal for the birds. They are sure to like such a treat.

In addition, trays can be used for crafts. Such containers are convenient for storing beads, buttons, and other small things.

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