Washing Machine Smells Burned: What to Do and When You Can Do Without a Master

What Breaks Mostly in a Washing Machine

Masters of washing machine repair note that the popular reasons for breakdowns are 4:

  • The drain pump has failed (the washing machine does not drain water);
  • A tubular electric heater, TEN (the element responsible for heating water) burned out;
  • the drive belt is damaged (the drum stops rotating);
  • the spin function does not work (happens when the machine is overloaded with laundry).

Why can a washing machine burn out?

Any of the elements of the washing machine can fail at any time – then there may be smoke and a noticeable smell of burning.

If the machine leaks, it is possible that water gets into the motor and short-circuits. A similar situation – if the moisture got into the control panel, in this case, the machine can work, but perform the washing program incorrectly. The smell of burnt wiring will also be present in both cases.

If you smell burnt rubber, it is likely that the belt is frayed.

In addition, the smell of burning from the washing machine may indicate that the device locks the door of the machine burned out.

What can burn in a washing machine during a power surge in the network

Power surges mostly pass without a trace for both people and for the equipment. But regular power surges can damage the washing machine – for example, it is possible that the settings will go off.

If the voltage rises to 300 V during a power surge, the control module, the surge protector, the dashboard, and other components may malfunction.

What to do if the washing machine smells like burning

If you smell burning – de-energize the washing machine as soon as possible to prevent a fire.

After that, check the socket – it may be the cause of the bad smell. If it is the problem, contact an electrician to replace the socket and possibly the washer-dryer’s electrical plug.

If the problem is not related to the outlet, there are a number of cases where you don’t need to call a professional for a solution.

A new washing machine may smell like wiring or rubber during the first washings. If the problem hasn’t been resolved over time, contact the retailer or manufacturer.

If there is a chance that you used a powder of poor quality or products that are not designed for washing, the machine may have had a buildup. It burns when the water is heated and gives off an unpleasant odor. To solve the problem, you can put the machine a few times to wash without laundry at high temperatures.

The cause of the smell of burning may also be the accumulation of a variety of debris (wool, hair, fluff from a pillow, etc.) on the heating element and its subsequent burning during the heating element. To rule out clogging, remove the back cover of the machine and remove the heating element, and check its condition.

You can not do without a master if the above-mentioned problems are not your case.

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Written by Emma Miller

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