Washing Without Chemicals: How to Make Laundry Detergent From Soap and Baking Soda with Your Own Hands

Homemade laundry detergent is much better than store-bought. First, it is completely natural, which means it does not cause allergies. Secondly, you can soak or wash clothes in them, either by hand or in a machine. Third, the use of such a powder does not wear out the appliances, unlike “chemicals” from the store.

How to make laundry detergent from soap and baking soda – instructions

To prepare such a powder, you will need:

  • baking soda – 500 g;
  • soda ash – 400 gr;
  • laundry soap;
  • essential oil.

Grate laundry soap, mix it with two kinds of soda, and add a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Pour the powder into a dry container with a tightly closed lid and store it at room temperature.

Useful tip: this powder can be poured not in the compartment, but directly into the drum, and if you wash by hand, then remove the soda ash from the recipe.

You can also add 2 tbsp of white vinegar or citric acid to the homemade powder – the components are excellent for dealing with stains and also prevent mold from forming in the washing machine.

How to make laundry gel or liquid powder

As an alternative to dry detergent, you can make liquid powder. To do this, you need to grate laundry soap and pour it into a saucepan with 1.5 liters of water. Stir until the soap is completely dissolved, then pour 1 cup of soda ash. As soon as the mass thickens – remove it from the fire, pour into a bucket, and add water until the volume reaches 5 liters. In the end, if desired, you can add essential oil, and then pour the detergent into bottles or jars.

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