What Day of the Week is Better to Devote to Cleaning the House

Even in the 21st century, you can find among women quite superstitious housewives. They say that if you start cleaning on the “wrong” day, you can cause trouble.

House cleaning – omens on the days of the week.

According to experts, each day has its own specific energy. If you clean your apartment at the wrong time, you can attract a lot of trouble.

According to folk experts, the ideal day for cleaning is Tuesday. On this day, you can do any work from washing and ironing, to sweeping and washing windows.

Almost as favorable is Wednesday – on this day of the week it is better to clean the house.

Cleaning is contraindicated!

So when is it wrong to clean the house? According to connoisseurs, on Thursday it is better to refuse to work with a vacuum cleaner and take a broom in your hands. Experts advise on this day to wash the floor and windows – this work at home will help you to find a way out of a deadlock.

On Friday, according to omens, it is necessary to open all the windows for ventilation – this will attract the energy of fertility in your home.

There is an opinion that you can not clean on Saturday. Well, we’ll tell you that it’s the opposite! On Saturday, even the most superstitious people are allowed to make the general cleaning. It is Saturday which is considered a day to clean the whole family. This process will bring you prosperity and mutual understanding.

But on Sunday and Monday, we strongly advise you to refrain from cleaning your house, so as not to lose wealth and prosperity.

House cleaning for prosperity: sweep out the negative energy

The most superstitious housewives should pay attention to the fact that cleaning on the days of the week of Feng Shui can fundamentally change your life! According to ancient Chinese teachings, dust, dirt, and trash slow the flow of energy in the house, that’s why people feel more tired and irritable when the rooms are not clean. That is why feng shui masters recommend that a general cleaning be performed under a waning moon. And also it is recommended to clean up with energetic music – this will activate your positive energy.

Now you know on which days to clean the house for wealth and you know the main national signs of cleaning.

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Written by Emma Miller

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