What Flowers to Plant in the Garden: Top 10 Unpretentious Plants

The following plant options are suitable, for those who did not have time or could not plant seedlings. The flowers we have chosen are suitable for planting in the open ground.

Chinese aster

In order to plant the annual aster in the open ground, sow the seeds of the bed, sprinkle the soil on top, and water. Experienced gardeners recommend covering the seeded area with film until the first sprouts appear. When the seedlings appear with 4-5 true leaves, they should be thinned and the strongest ones transplanted to another site.


One of the most popular and favorite flowers, which, except for its bright and attractive appearance, has another useful quality – repel nematodes. Velvets can grow in any type of soil, even clay soil, and it doesn’t take long to care for them. Sow them in the open soil, water them, and wait for sprouts.


These flowers can be not only blue, but also white, blue, or pink. They propagate themselves by self-sowing, so once you plant the seeds in a bed, you will forget about renovating the bed for a long time. To plant cornflowers, simply sow them in the open soil and water them. Plants do not require moisture, so they bloom even in dry weather.


Many gardeners plant these flowers in seedlings, but they can also be planted in the open ground. The main thing is to wait until the soil warms up well, and until then keep the seedlings under the foil. Pansies are demanding – they need a lot of fresh air, regular watering, and good lighting. That’s why it’s better to plant bushes at a distance of 10-15 cm from each other.


Early May is the optimal time for planting gladiolus bulbs. Before planting, they should be cleaned of scales and soaked in a solution of manganese for half an hour. For such flowers, you need to choose a sunny place, dig a hole, and plant with the sprout upwards. The depth should be equal to three diameters of the bulb. In the end, the plant should be covered with soil and watered.


Flowers similar to water lilies should be planted in the first half of May. Lilies can tolerate the shade well, but it is better to provide them with a sufficient amount of light. The plants do not require soil – thanks to their powerful root system they will find just the right portion of moisture.


A beautiful white cloud of flowers grows bushy. Gypsophila is a field plant with a height of 80 cm. The optimal planting scheme for this flower is 60×80 cm. It is a perennial, so, it is enough to sow the bed once to forget about floriculture for several years.


A unique plant in which flowers at a young age have a lilac shade, and as the culture matures, they are colored white. Iberis is a small bush with “balls” of flowers. After the appearance of true leaves seedlings are thinned and planted according to the scheme of 40×40 cm.


An annual plant that can be planted in the flowerbed without problems. If you do it in May, you will already get a lush flower bed in the second half of summer. Spacedium is sown, deepening 0.5 cm into the soil. It is advisable to keep a distance of not less than 15 cm between the plants.


A striking annual flower that you will definitely like – it will decorate the garden with bright red and yellow buds. Garden amaranths usually grow up to 40-70 cm in height. When planting such a plant, keep the distance to 30 cm, or after the first sprouts, thin the bed and transplant the stronger seedlings to a separate plot.

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