What Foods You Can Freeze: The Top 7 Unexpected Options

Experienced housewives have long used a similar tiphack – they cook dishes and then freeze them. This approach saves not only time and effort, but also money – by filling the fridge with preparations, you do not have to spend money on food in the future.

Is it possible to freeze cheese by the piece?

Yes, this product normally tolerates freezing, despite the misconception that it will crumble after you take it out of the depths of the freezer to the light of God. Cheese can be frozen either in pieces or by slicing it and putting it in a container.

A useful tip: Sprinkle the cheese with flour or starch to keep the pieces from sticking together.

What to freeze eggs in – tips

Eggs are the second product that can be frozen, although many people don’t know about it. To freeze hard-boiled eggs, separate the whites from the yolks and put the pieces in different containers. Raw eggs are also suitable for freezing – you need to break them, stir them, add a pinch of salt and sugar (or honey), and then pour them into a container. In this form, raw eggs can be stored for up to 6 months.

How to freeze store-bought milk or juice

The third product is milk or juice that you buy at the supermarket and don’t have time to drink. Usually, the leftovers go sour, which is a blow to both your heart and your budget. In that case, it is better to freeze the drinks – pour them into a separate bottle and put them in the freezer. One nuance – when freezing the liquid expands, so it is better to take a container that is larger in volume than the amount of liquid. An alternative option is to pour milk or juice into ice molds and then put them directly into drinks.

Can you freeze a loaf of bread?

Yes, of course, and it’s a fourth product. Often, buying baked goods in the store and not having time to eat them, we get stale bread – what to make from it is a mystery. To avoid spoiling the product, you can store bread in the refrigerator or in the freezer, better – in slices. Defrost even easier – in the oven or microwave.

Can I freeze fresh vegetables?

Fifth place in the ranking – the gifts of vegetable gardens. Cucumber slices, tomatoes, celery, peppers, and any other vegetables and herbs are great for life in the freezer. All you need to do is wash them, dry them, and put them in bags (containers).

A useful tip: divide the vegetables into portions in advance, so that when you take them out of the freezer, you can put them into dishes right away.

What will happen to potatoes if you freeze them?

Nothing, it will be on the sixth line of the hit parade of products that are loyal to freezing. Ready-made potato dishes can be frozen – for example, mashed potatoes can be conveniently portioned with an ice cream scoop and put on parchment paper, and put in the freezer.

You need to wait until the balls are hard, and then transfer them to bags and send them to the bottomless world of the freezer for two months. The same goes for potatoes cooked in chunks, only you need to put them in a container.

Is it possible to freeze the cooked pie?

The seventh place we give to homemade pastries, which can also be stored in the freezer. This is convenient if you have cooked too much by accident or on purpose – having frozen a dish, you can simply reheat it and not stand at the stove again.

The first freezing option is to place the pie whole on a plate lined with freezer paper, and when the pie freezes a bit, remove the plate, wrap the pastry in the paper, and send it to the freezer. The second option is to cut the dish into portions, put it on a plate or in a container, and put it in the freezer.

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