What is Fried First: Onions or Carrots

Onions and carrots are the most common additions to almost all hot dishes. Frying vegetables takes little time, but requires a great deal of skill on your part. What to roast first – onions and carrots?

Why roast onions and carrots

First, roasting enriches any food with a delicate flavor. Even if your dish turned out “not very” – onions will saturate it with caramel flavor, and carrots will add spice. That is, under the roasting you can hide your culinary mistakes.

Secondly, onions and carrots are fried to emphasize, for example, the taste of meat or potatoes. Thirdly, it just looks nice on the plate. And carrots will make the soup a thick orange color.

What to fry first – onions and carrots?

Culinary opinions vary here. Some cook the onions first: for 4-5 minutes over medium heat, stirring constantly and adding, to taste, other vegetables, including carrots.

But there is a nuance to this recipe: for example, cooking onions along with other vegetables releases steam. If you have a small pan and you roast the onions under a lid, there is a danger that the onions will end up soft and moist.

Cooking steam is an important reason why you fry the onions first, or why you shouldn’t fry onions and carrots together. However, if you have enough room for carrots and other vegetables and can prevent steam, then roast them along with the onions.

Experienced cooks separate the carrots and onions and cook the onions first (to be crispy and golden) and then the carrots, the latter secrete juices and they are bad for the onions.

To the main dish, fried carrots and onions are added at the last stage of cooking.

Also, many people wonder why the onions are fried first, and then the meat. The answer is the same – because the meat under the influence of high temperature releases a lot of juices, and they spoil and soften the onions. As a result, instead of fried onions, you get stewed onions.

But it is best if you fry meat and onions in different containers.

In general, chefs advise not to dwell on the time and focus on the smell and appearance. If the onions began to smell nice – immediately remove them from the stove.

Frying onions takes different hostesses different times – from 1 to 3 minutes, depending on how heated the pan was.

How long do carrots fry? Roasting carrots takes about 5 to 6 minutes with a heated stove. You can also fry carrots in the oil from onions.

To keep the roast from getting too caramelized (sweet) or too bitter, always keep an eye on the fire and stir.

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