What Mushrooms Grow in October: 6 Most Desired Forest Trophies

At the end of October in the Ukrainian forests the mushroom season ends – it’s the last chance for mushroom pickers to gather full baskets. In the glades and glades, the mushrooms are likely already picked, so it is worth looking under the trees and near the stumps.


Bean mushrooms are the main mushrooms of October. In mid-autumn, they are at their peak. They grow in large groups near old stumps, deciduous trees, or nettles. You can recognize the mushrooms by their beige cap with small scales and white stalk with a “skirt” at the cap. This mushroom is fried, dried, stewed, and pickled for the winter.


Cepes can be found in October only if the weather is favorable. Fortunately, the weather this fall is suitable for this valuable mushroom. In crowded glades, all the ceps have probably already been picked, so it is better to look for them away from the paths. This mushroom can be found in the moss, in tall grass, near conifers, birches, and oaks.


Carrotberries can be picked in the woods all through October. This is an easily digestible and very tasty mushroom, which is considered a delicacy and also contains many vitamins. That’s why carrot mushrooms are a must for any mushroom hunter.

You can recognize the mushroom by its reddish or reddish cap with light-colored flecks. When the cap is sliced, it gives off orange, non-bitter milky juice. This is how you can distinguish it from similar inedible mushrooms – the juice of poisonous “twins” is white and very bitter.

Polish mushroom

The Polish mushroom can be found in pine and spruce forests, as well as near oak and chestnut trees. Sometimes grows on stumps. It usually grows singly or in very small groups. It is a beautiful mushroom with a dark, dry cap and a very pleasant aroma. When pressed, the pulp turns blue. The Polish mushroom is very tasty to dry and pickle.

Oyster mushrooms are quite easy to find oyster mushrooms in October – they are not afraid of frosts and grow until winter. Oyster mushrooms grow on trees and stumps in large groups. Their favorite trees are birches, willows, and pines. In Ukraine, there are almost no poisonous twin oyster mushrooms, so the mushrooms are suitable for inexperienced mushroom growers.

Black milkcap mushroom

In mixed forests in October you can find the black milkcap mushroom – a wide mushroom with a dark green cap and a short stalk. It likes to grow under fallen leaves. If you are lucky enough to find such a mushroom, look around for its neighbors. The taste of the boletus is average, but it is very tasty after pickling.

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