What Porridges are Bad: The Best Tips for a Healthy Diet

Since our childhood, our parents and our elders taught us that it is necessary to eat porridge in the morning because it is healthy and nutritious. And this is true, but only partly – in reality not all of them are suitable for your diet, there are useful and harmful porridges for the human body, and, in addition, not all of them can be eaten for breakfast. Here’s what we know about what porridges are bad for health:

The most unhealthy porridges – tips from experts

  • The anti-rating in the list of “harmful porridge” according to many doctors heads the semolina porridge. When it comes to semolina, everybody is somehow convinced that there is hardly anything more healthy than semolina because we were fed it in kindergarten and we will not give our children something useless, right? In fact, semolina is probably the most useless porridge in the world. It is known that semolina is finely ground wheat, consisting of two-thirds starch. In addition, it has several times fewer vitamins, trace elements, and minerals than other porridge. Manna porridge rapidly raises blood sugar levels, after which the pancreas begins to produce large amounts of insulin. This is very bad for diabetics, as well as for those people who want to lose weight.
  • Rice porridge, specifically white polished rice, has almost no useful vitamins and minerals for humans. They are removed during their processing. Doctors say that if one eats rice porridge often, one can get malignancies in the stomach.
  • If we call porridge harmful to health, then oatmeal from fast cooking also falls into this list: it has virtually no nutrients for the body, including fiber. Because of such oatmeal, a person can get diabetes, gain excess weight, and get problems with the cardiovascular system.

According to experts, the most useless porridge in the world is corn porridge, which has a very high level of glucose. After it is consumed, the blood sugar level rises considerably, and also afterward a person can become overweight.

Doctors and nutritionists believe that this is the most useless porridge, from the frequent use of which in the food you can get no benefit at all, but rather negative consequences for health.

Why it is harmful to eat porridge in the morning – important nuances

According to doctors, the answer to the question of what porridge should not be eaten for breakfast is how much it increases blood sugar levels. Therefore, porridge, which has a lot of glucose (semolina, corn, oatmeal), is extremely undesirable to eat for people who are prone to gaining excess weight. Because of the large number of carbohydrates, these porridges are quickly digested, and soon after a meal a person will feel hungry again and will be forced to eat again. In addition, diabetics will have a spike in sugar levels, which can lead to severe consequences.

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Written by Emma Miller

I am a registered dietitian nutritionist and own a private nutrition practice, where I provide one-on-one nutritional counseling to patients. I specialize in chronic disease prevention/ management, vegan/ vegetarian nutrition, pre-natal/ postpartum nutrition, wellness coaching, medical nutrition therapy, and weight management.

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