What Rice to Choose for Stuffed Cabbage Rolls So as Not to Spoil the Dish

What rice to choose for stuffed cabbage rolls

Rice for stuffed cabbage rolls, by and large, any, the ideal variant does not exist. However, it is better to use round rice rather than long rice. This is because long rice is too crumbly and requires experience and skill to handle. They are better suited for pilaf. In contrast, round varieties are stickier, so they don’t fall apart. Besides, such rice cooperates better with stuffing, which is the second main ingredient of stuffing for stuffed cabbage rolls.

By the way, cooks prefer to use arborio and rangoli rice for stuffed cabbage rolls. Nano and violence are also good. And it is not recommended to use milled grains, because otherwise, the stuffing will be too liquid. And in order to avoid mush, you can give preference to steamed rice.

How to cook rice for stuffed cabbage rolls – step-by-step instructions

Before mixing the ingredients of the stuffing, you need to boil rice for stuffed cabbage rolls until it is half cooked.

Properly cooking rice for stuffed cabbage rolls is not difficult at all, the main thing is not to overcook it. To do this, it is necessary:

  • rinse the groats well, until the water is clear;
  • Pour in water in the proportions of 1 part rice to 2 parts water;
  • Bringing to a boil, transfer to minimum heat, then boil the rice for 7-10 minutes;
  • Then add butter (optional), cover, and leave in the heat for 10-15 minutes.

Note that during cooking the rice will increase in volume and absorb a lot of liquid. There is no need to salt rice. Cooking rice for stuffed cabbage rolls is not necessary, but if you use raw rice – the time of stewing stuffed cabbage rolls will increase, and they themselves will get a little dry.

Rice for stuffed cabbage rolls – proportions

How much rice do you need for the stuffed cabbage rolls – a question no less important than the previous ones. Experienced cooks recommend using one or one and a half cups of rice per kilogram of minced meat. Or rice with minced meat can be used in proportions of 1:3, respectively. It is also important not to go overboard with the number of grits, so as not to make mush out of the stuffing.

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