What To Do During an Earthquake: Simple Rules That Everyone Should Know

On February 6, West Asia was struck by a powerful natural disaster. A 7.8 magnitude earthquake in Turkey and Syria has already killed 5,000 people, and that number may not be final. Thousands more have been injured or lost their homes.

What to do during an earthquake – a useful memo

If you were warned about an earthquake in advance, you should take food and medicine for the first time (for example, an alarm bag), turn off the gas and heating appliances, and leave the house. Outdoors, it’s a good idea to stay away from buildings and power lines. Head to a wide square, a sports field, or any area without buildings or trees.

However, it is very rare to foresee an earthquake in advance. More often than not, such an event occurs without warning, and you must act quickly. What to do during an earthquake depends on where you are now.

What to do if there is an earthquake indoors

If you are on the upper floors of a building, open the doors and stand in the doorway during an earthquake. This is the strongest and safest place in the apartment. The door should preferably be away from windows and heavy furniture. It is also possible to get under a table or under a bed. Cover your head with your hands.

As soon as the tremors will stop – leave the house on the street. It is necessary to go down the usual or fire ladders – in any case do not use the elevator.

If an earthquake catches you on the lower floors, leave the house immediately and go outside. Bring an emergency suitcase with you if you have one handy.

Do not rush back home immediately after an earthquake. There may be aftershocks within a few minutes. There may also be a gas leak in the house.

What to do if there is an earthquake outside

If you are in the middle of an urban development, stand in the doorway of the nearest building to avoid debris. In other cases, look for an open area without buildings or trees-an area, a square, a wide lawn, etc. Move away from buildings and power lines.

What to do if there is an earthquake in your car

If possible, it is best to park your car in an open area away from buildings. Stop the vehicle and don’t leave the car – it’s pretty safe. You can crouch down in the seat and cover your head with your hands. Stay in the vehicle until the shaking stops.

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