What To Do if Sauerkraut Goes Sour: Proven Ways

First, let’s determine if sauerkraut spoils, why it happens, and how much time we have to have time to use it.

Usually, if all the conditions are met, homemade sauerkraut will be good for 4 to 6 months. The only condition is to store it in the refrigerator. But the store-bought sauerkraut may have a different shelf life, it should be indicated on the package.

Can sauerkraut spoil – what is important to know?

The main enemy of sauerkraut is warm air. Due to the presence of live bacteria and probiotics in the cabbage at high temperatures, it can either dry out very quickly or sour quickly.

You can tell if the cabbage has begun to spoil by a strong smell that cannot be confused with anything else. It will smell like a yeasty substance, and this is the main sign of spoilage. Also, you probably know what sauerkraut should taste like.

It’s also worth noting that cabbage can go bad even in the stages of the fermentation process if it is allowed to rise above the salt solution.

Sauerkraut sour – what to do

The most proven way to neutralize the acidity of cabbage or how fix the taste of sauerkraut is to rinse it well. In this way, the sour taste can be made less pungent.

The sourer the cabbage, the more intensely it should be washed. The best way to do this is to use a colander. Now you know how to resuscitate sour cabbage.

Is it possible to do something with over-acidic cabbage – a proven method
The experience of many housewives shows that sour cabbage should not be sent to the trash. It is quite possible to use it together with fresh cabbage for the preparation of a variety of dishes, such as a hodgepodge.

Before using the cabbage should be squeezed out as much as possible, ridding it of brine, put it firmly in any container, preferably glass, and pour boiling water on top.

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