What To Do if You Fall on the Ice: Tips to Avoid Serious Injuries

It’s that time of year when you need to go out in comfortable shoes and be extra careful not to become a victim of ice.

On the ice, it’s very easy to get injured while walking – we’ll tell you what injuries you can get when you fall. This list includes soft tissue bruises, sprains, various dislocations, skull and spine fractures, as well as arms and legs, ribs, and collarbones.

With a slight bruise to seek medical help is not necessary, if you do not feel the need for it, but in all other cases be sure to get to the emergency room.

At the same time, going out on a slippery street, it is better to remember what to do if you fall on the ice. If it so happens that you fall, then at this point try to regroup and fall on your side. This will reduce the severity of the injury. According to doctors, this is the correct way to fall on the ice.

But note that the recommendation to relax the body at the moment of fall is wrong because then the bones will absorb the brunt of the fall, which may lead to fractures. But with tense muscles, there is a chance to get away with just bruises.

What to do if you fell on the ice

After a fall do not hurry to get up immediately, because the sharp rise can lead to bad consequences if the fall injury is serious. The fact is that even if the injury is really severe, the sharp pain a person may not feel in the first moments after the fall.

First, it is better to raise your head, move your arms and legs, and listen to your body. You need to get up only if you really do not feel acute pain. In all other cases, you need to get to a trauma surgeon. Call an ambulance yourself on your cell phone, or ask passersby to help you do this.

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